How to recognize a master of manipulative words?


When Jason was a little boy he used to cry in every opportunity when something was not as he wished. He was a cute kid and his mother tried to realize all his wishes. He wanted chocolate so she bought him chocolate. He wanted a monopoly for a birthday so she bought him because his smile was irresistible.
Soon Jason realizes that tears are his weapon, and he learned how to use it for right purposes. When he grew up, he went on the first date. His girlfriend was a woman with a sharp tongue and he did not like it, so he said to her that he feels hurt by her words. She said something about his unshaven face and he did not use to accept critics. He became favorite in the circle of girls because he always had compliments and sweet words even for ugliest and unpopular girls in his classroom.
After college, Jason worked as sales manager and all secretaries were crazy about him. When one of them rejected his flirting proposal, she got disgrace in return. Jason explained that she offered herself and that he is a decent man with high moral standards so he doesn’t want to spoil his good reputation.
His life path was full of manipulative ways. Only rare people know about his real face. Others did not believe that he is cheating his wife, that he stole money from work and invest for private purposes, and that he never return money to his best friend.
His baby face made him successful and favorite in women circles. He was shining but he was far away from gold. Indeed he was trash with a glow.
One day his business partner discovered that Jason paid for escort ladies during business trips, so he exposes him. One more time, Jason tried with innocent smile and tears in his eyes, with regrets and sorrow. But this attempt fail. He was embarrassed because he spent money of company during his trip to Thailand. So he was released and he finally learned a lesson.
Sensitive people are not always good and sweet.
They can be manipulative liars, dangerous for others.
There are signs to recognize that master of sweet words:
apologies instead of actions
– promises instead of realization
– huge compliments every time and at every opportunity
– denials when they get caught, they try to forward mistakes on others
It is easy to trust the person who is so kind and sweet and ready to melt every heart. Well, there is a trap and in the trap is a rat who can make big damage.

One thought on “How to recognize a master of manipulative words?

  1. A socially smart person can use their powers for good or evil…Earlier in life, i was convinced that i could talk my way out of anything. But after realizing that honesty was a better policy than manipulation, i changed my game of life.
    I would still be a douche bag if i didn’t stop to acknowledge it (Still have flashes of being an asshole, but that’s just what testosterone does to guys sometimes)

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