Is it always necessary to speak the truth?


Playing with other’s feelings is very cruel game. Manipulative people know very well how to use the fragile heart as a target to get their score. A deceived person is a victim, and every bitter experience means that you lose faith in love.

Human nature is far from perfect, so sometimes we will hurt others without intentions, just because we were on wrong place in wrong time, or we said something that we should not say. In some situations we are in doubts: speak the truth, keep silence or say a lie? Love relation needs a good balance between truth and things we keep in our privacy, under lock.

Some kind of lies will be discovered at first sight. 


What are things you can check very easy and it is not worthy to say different than truth?

Lies about ages. If you said you have 30, and indeed you are 45, sooner or later your real ages will be exposed.

Lies about the profession. You said you are a successful manager, model or singer? Indeed you work as a waitress and you sing only under the shower.

Lies about the financial situation. You said you are rich, but your credit card is empty for days? Let me see how you will pay expensive dinner.

Lies about expert skills. You know self-defense and karate? Hmm, let me check, how you will face it with my nasty neighbor who is involved in street fights every weekend?

Lies about your roots. You relative is Justin Bieber? Was your grandma Russian princess? Sounds nice, but how can you prove this? You wish to belong to jet-set, but your parents are manual workers and they work in the factory, so you don’t have to shame on this.

Also, there are things which should stay hidden, at least until you get know your partner very well. 

What you will not tell on the first date, or even you will shut up forever?

Your story about sex with two guys in one night. I don’t think that is something anyone brags about. If this happened, better to close your mouth forever. If that story can’t be discovered, you don’t want to be first to expose that. If someone tries to brag about this, deny. 

Your unusual sexual habits. Did you use whip during sex? Ex-partner made camera show on your hot night with him? If he can keep secret, you can do it too.

Your ex-relation with a married man. Also, this is not something to be proud of. That is over, why to dig out this sad story?

Sexually diseases. That night with a stranger, without condoms, was too expensive for you. If it is not aided, better to keep secret about this. That is over, you have no anymore HPV, chlamydia, herpes, etc. Things happened before few years, you got medicine, be careful next time and don’t talk. Don’t expect your partner would understand you at first sight.

There are many things which happened at one moment when our sense was not awake. We were young, under the passionate moment, or simply we put too many risks on our back. This is situations “live fast, die young” and when this happens you don’t want to die and you regret because you did it. The last thing you need is a judgment because it would be a flashback, you can pass this again over and over.

Truth is a very powerful weapon, and there is a time and place when you can expose the naked truth. Who will be hurt, how does it affect other lives? Count your victims and be sure is it good to open that Pandora box. 

Some people live in mislead that everyone is innocent, perfect and pure, and those who are not are ready to be burned in hell. That is not human because we can’t predict situation when something will happen to us. Sam was a businessman and also a member of the politic group, a role model for his children and beloved husband. He spent few days in a hotel on a business trip. He met a sexy woman and she was a prostitute. He thought, why not to use the opportunity, but she diseased him with gonorrhea. He refused sex with his wife when he came home, for a month. His excuse was business stress. Wife never found out. He stayed in her eyes as a beloved husband and perfect father.

Before you search for a truth, ask yourself are you ready to hear this? Can you face it with every dirty detail about your partner or friend? There are some things on which we build trust. Also, other things are here to stay buried, because other’s won’t be hurt and nobody gets satisfaction from this. If you decide to slap someone with truth, think about the side effect, and another side of the mirror. Things will never be the same after your story.


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