Men who talk the hunter stories

Do you know about kind of guys who always gossip, women, after they slept with them? For sure, if you are the woman you will possibly judge them and think that they are monkeys or a social trash.
Imagine man’s circle with few guys who are joking and laughing, and certain woman is subject to their topics.
“She was screaming as a pig. “
“She had hanging boobs. “
“She did not wash her teeth. “
“She was psycho, she called me hundred times after we broke. “
Hunter stories are familiar to men species. When someone asked Harry when he got laid last time, he said: “It was a prostitute, I met her at a club in Budapest. ” After him, Billy said: “She was married and her husband was often at business trips. He was a broker, so we got laid while he was not at home. I forgot my watch there so I had troubles later. “
How to recognize hunter story?
The guy can’t prove that his lover girl even existed.
Guy repeat the same story, but with different details.
If someone asks where is the girl now, he will say that she moved from the city or visited relatives in the foreign country.
Details are exaggerated. 
(Boobs as Pamela Anderson. She was model, but nobody saw her appearance in show business. She approached and asked sex at first sight, but she was not a prostitute.She picked just him, ordinary guy. )
One of my friends made name for girls which supposed to be subject to hunter stories, but nobody saw them. These are drawn, girls. So, when male friends know about the guy who never dates with girls, and he suddenly talks about dating with a bombshell, they will say that he falls in love with a drawn girl.
Why do some men love to brag about their sexual adventures, and even lie about numbers of their sexual partners?
Well, man’s circle is cruel. Guys have a habit to mock members who never got laid, especially when they are already in certain ages. You have over 30, and you are still a virgin? That sucks. So some men will brag about fake lovers, just to save their pride and ego.
Women could be cruel, too. Women love to date with a guy who is already experienced, even popular. When some woman hears about virgin, she will say “I don’t want to be his first experimental rabbit. “So, the guy will sell her story, just to save his backbone.
Men want to save their manhood. If you did not get laid when it was time, you are not a man. Society has some standards, so you must prove that you are worthy.
The pressure of society. Virgins will ask company of playboys, just to meet with more women. If you are virgin and your friend is a popular playboy, he is your ticket into sexual paradise.
Fear of isolation. If you did not have sex, you can be isolated. Your friends are all fuckers, and you did not even touch a woman. What a shame.
Everything has two sides. If you hear hunter story, don’t judge the guy too quick. He had social pressure, that you will not like him if he says the truth about himself. He is afraid, that he will be boring and loser in your eyes.

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