Why is shopping nightmare for men?

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If you are a woman, ask your partner about shopping. I assume, he will open his mouth and say:”Is it necessary? Am I obligated to go with you?” That is the natural reaction of almost every man. Shopping is equal to a nightmare for them. They see a big crowd of screaming women in the line who complain to each other about their weight and lack of money. Also, they see a direct attack on their credit cards and disaster to their wallet. So, if he rejects you, take your female friends with you to spare him trouble.

In ancient times, men were haunting to bring a meal to their women, and they stayed at home with kids. They had no clothes from markets and men were happy. Some of them wish to turn into the stone age and bring bear fur to their women, just to keep them quiet. Men psychology is different, they don’t need purses and stockings, their shoes are not with high heels and they don’t care about combinations. Unless they are not fashion models, they will avoid spending much time in shopping malls, because they have something better to do. The most practical solution would be to bring your partner with you, and show him coffee bar near until you make your shopping. 

If you expect compliment and fascination from your man, it will look like this:

“I thought you had a dress at home. Is that new?”

“That is ok. “

“That is good. “

“You look cool. “

Frankly, I would not like to have a man with me who would give me tips what to wear. Some men are conservative, and they will pay money for clothes for their women, but according to their wishes. The same picture you might see between an old rich man and his young mistress. He will give money or card and pick sexy underwear and clothes for his sexy girl, to show her to his friends. He knows what he is buying. This way of shopping is boss way, he will show with his choice who is the master. 

When Shane and Natalie went shopping together, it was a nightmare. She could not find appropriate trousers, because, as she said,  all were to tight for her. She was not fat, neither slim, but she did not find what she wished. In the end, Shane left shopping mall before her, because he could not handle her speech about her awful body and bad offer of clothes.

Men will not understand why we need so many shoes and purses, why we buy swimsuit every summer and why we can’t wear the same stockings every day. Don’t expect from them to understand this. Go in shopping alone or with a trustful friend, and let your man drink beer until you finish this. Also, bring your money with you, because your man can’t always cover all your expenses. 

Otherwise, it will look like this:

“Why you never praise me? I know you look, other women, younger than me.”

“You did not buy me anything a long time ago. You are skimpy. “

“I don’t care what you think. Other men will notice me. “

“This is fashionable this year. I will wear it, I don’t give a shit do you like it or not. “

Some women will show their real faces in shopping. Suddenly, you will see a witch with a broomstick, ready to attack your wallet. She was kind and gentle, but in the shopping, she became your worst enemy because you could not effort to buy her dress. If you try to fool her with something cheaper, you are on wrong way. Every woman knows what is original, and what is a copy. They will check with their friends if they are not sure, and you will be in trouble. 

Also, don’t tell her that your mother picks your clothes if that is your case. The man who admits that mother picks his clothes is subject of jokes. It looks like he is still her little son who can’t open mouth without her permission. If you have bad styling, at least let it be yours. There is saying that man is a mirror of women. If you are untidy, your woman doesn’t care about you much. 

The shopping center is a battlefield. Make a deal with your woman avoid disaster later. One more thing, if you buy clothes for a mistress, your wife will know. One of the reasons why women can’t stand mistresses is because men spent money on them more than in marriage. 


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