Did you try to provoke jealousy?

Your beloved man is cheating you? He doesn’t pay enough attention at you? Or, he is just passive and sleeps as Sleeping beauty until you wake him up?
Here is simply cure, make him jealous. This is usual recommendation when you need to save your relation. Also, this strategy works out if you are on half way to catch boyfriend, but you stucked in the middle.
Artificial jealousy is state of shock. You should make him terrified, that he is afraid to lose you. As everything what is not spontaneous or natural, such experiment could go wrong.
Before you use this advice, check this facts.
Your partner will be jealous only if he still loves you.
If you cheat him, he will see this as sign that you have open relation and he can do the same.
Make limits in your actions. You can dance with someone in front of his eyes, but don’t kiss other man otherwise you will make scandal.
Be careful when you choose subject of your game. Don’t hurt someone who loves you. 
Make a deal with your partner in crime and make it clear what you expect from him.
Here are two examples of wrong turn.
What happened?
Sandy was madly in love in her boyfriend James. He was too busy to make her happy, his first love was his job.  Sandy made deal with Leonard, her friend from school days to make James jealous. She made party at home for Christmas and she invited many friends and neighbors. Leonard was star of the evening and everyone liked him. Just, he forgot deal and he was so drunk that he puked on carpet. Sandy was cleaning this glitch whole morning after party. James bought bottle of mineral water to help Leonard to get sober. Her plan failed and their relation is on ice now.
In other case, Paula was betrayed woman. His husband Matt cheated her with nurse. He was doctor in emergency, and everyone bragged about this affair. Paula wanted to get revenge and she invited her neighbor Andy at wedding of her sister. She wanted to introduce Andy to her family, just to give hint that she is not alone. They were dancing all night and Paula never had so much fun. Then Andy admitted to her that he  loves her a long time ago. They  relation that evening, and Paula forgot about her plan.
You can’t make a fire if there is no sparks.
Jealousy is just a tool, but this is double sword. Maybe your partner will be angry, maybe his ego will be broken. It doesn’t mean that he will start to love you again. Maybe, he can even make conclusion that you deserve someone who is better than him. When you make someone jealousy, it is usually beginning of the end.

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