The one you wish to forget

Real love never causes pains. Discarded love, passion and drama are factors of pain. If you wish to live life as in soap opera, for sure there is the amount of sadness and despair for you. You had sad experience, relation to someone who was never yours indeed? Relax, this is part of life.
When Cupid arrows hit you, you might be blind and deaf. You can fall in love with the person who is not for you at all. This is an unfair game of heart, it is a big possibility to fall in love with someone who will not give love back. It doesn’t mean that you will not get something in return. You will get someone for sex, fun, and someone who will call you when everyone else will run away from him.
I am sure many of you faced with a situation when you wish to forget someone who is just obstacle to your happiness. You want him, but he causes you a headache, you lost your smile and all you want is to cry and smash plates when he is around you?
Anger is a follower of love. As long you are angry on someone, this is just another shape of passion, just in form of pride, to protect you.
Just, anger is no the way to kick someone from your heart.
There are few steps how to forget someone who is not for you:
Meet new people. 
As much you will be busy with new friends, you will have less time for past memories.
Think about him, can you place him in your life. 
Where do you see two of you? Do you see him as the father of your kids, as your husband, as someone who helps you to wash dishes after dinner? You might surprise, but be honest with yourself. You will see someone who breaks dishes, someone who can leave you pregnant or someone who cheats you.
Imagine two of you in troubled times.
You are broke with money, someone attacks you, you are sad. What your “beloved ” man is doing for you? You will see him how he runs from problems and blames you for this situation.
Let go out your tears. Cry.
It sounds pathetic, but how much we feel better if we can cry sometimes. Sadness is not always a position for losers. Cry when nobody sees you when you are alone. Then, wipe your tears and go on fresh air. Find your dose of oxygen.
Make jokes about your situation. 
Maybe is not funny now, but later, believe me, it will be funny. When I saw my ex-boyfriend bald and with a fat belly, I laughed. When I saw his fat girlfriend, I laughed more. Life sometimes rewards you.
Pay attention to critical days for love. Valentine day, your birthday, Christmas. Do you think of him anyway?
Dear, this guy will not remember you. He will sit somewhere with his girlfriend to celebrate important dates with her. Anniversaries are the couple who decided together to be in relation. Cupid is a cruel fellow. He closes his eyes and hit spots which should be forbidden to him. Yet, you will fall in love with wrong one, but you don’t need to stay in this feeling forever.

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