How to respond on ignorance?



Yesterday you had wonderful friend. Today you associate with pretender who talked behind your back. It hurts, and when we are hurt, we are wounded and the only wish is too fight back. Love, friendship or business are areas where we need trust, loyalty and confidence. If your boyfriend is cheating you, there is no trust. If your friend gossips you, there is no loyalty. If you can’t lean on business partner, there is no confidence.

Some people think that they can hurt others without punishment. Simply they consider others as toys. I need you now, i will play with you, later when i will get bored, i will throw you into garbage. If i will need you again i will call you.


We will be lost until we let others to do this. Such people will ask for excuses, like, it was not deliberately, i did joke, i did not know that i hurt you. They will continue to act like this until we forgive them without punishment. After this, game will continue and this bewitched circle is eternal pain.

You might beat your dog and one day he will bite you. The same as humans, if you treat someone bad a long time, this person will explode one day.


What is the cure against cruel people?

Ignore them. It looks simple and without effects, and maybe you will be disappointed with such advice. What, this jerk will stay unpunished?


Ignorance is cold weapon. It has double effects. 

First, you are protecting yourself because you will not show that bad acts of others have influence on you. Someone yells on you? Just give him a smile. Someone laughs behind your back? Walk and don’t turn around. They will feel like fools, because they have one sided conversation.


Second, you will show courage. Your rival stand in front of wall. Wall can’t punch you, but you can’t pass through this wall.


Imagine you had lover who drags you for nose and you were crying and waiting for his call? Then you were begging him to treat you better, to be romantic and to respect you? Now you will wait for his call and when he calls you or sent you message, you will not respond. You have another deal, meeting, you have important things in your life. Even you must feed your cat, she is more important than your lover. At least, your cat will make you smile and she will not hurt you. She will be grateful for your care.

Ignorance is cold sword. Walk in front of your ex boyfriend in your best edition. You wear sexy clothes, smile, and potential new boyfriend is with you. He will stare at you and you will not say even hello. Later, your ex is furious and he could try to approach you. You might say in front of your friends that you don’t know who is that guy. That will kill him inside.

Maybe you will get soft and you will feel sorry for him. Don’t feel any mercy. Remember when you cried because he did not call you, when he bought flowers to another girl, after he did sex with you. Use flashback in your memories, like you are watching the same movie once again. Now your roles are changed. You are master, and he is victim. Just put your thumbs down, as in arena. No mercy for traitors, because if you let him to pass, he will stand up and hit you one more time.


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