What happens when the emotions rule with you?


A clean mind is halfway to successful results. When you need to bring an important decision, your brain should be in the chill out position, and your nerves should be calm. Unfortunately, most are not like that, so we have a bunch of decisions which are made in the state of anger, rage, wrath or even hate. Emotions are a beautiful part of every human being, but just in a case when we control them or when we use them in right way. When you let your emotions to go wild, results will be unexpected and not as you wanted.

Feelings are as furious dogs. If you let them rule over you, they will bite you. 

So let’s see here what happens when emotions go wild.

Love. When you fall in love with the wrong person, you give him the power to do with you what he wants. He can manipulate with you because you have no strength to say no.

Sadness. If you are in deep grief, you will not see people and events around you. Life will pass and you will stay frozen.

Anger. You can beat someone in a state of anger and later you will regret, but you could not stop your fists to work faster than brain.

Self-pity. You think that you are the most pathetic creature in this world, so you will let others spit on you too because it will make you a bigger victim.

Condolence. If you feel sorry every person who cry or beg in front of you, you will not have time for yourself.

Guilt. You are hard for yourself, so you think you deserve all bad things which happen to you, because that is an act of karma, in past life, you hurt someone so you must pay your debts.

I was many time witness that people who can control their feelings are more successful. For example, Mabel is the main bitch in her neighborhood. She has a husband, two adult daughters, successful work, and lover. Nobody will say anything ugly about Mabel, because she is a cold-blooded woman with a plan. She is traveling because of her work, daughters are already independent, the husband is not always at home, and young Paul is a lover, in fact, more plum who has a lot of work to do in their family house. When Alice, woman next door got divorce from husband, she had many visitors, mostly men. Everybody talked about Alice as a whore. Nobody pulls the trigger on Mabel, she is a respectable member of this society because she is silent as a real whore, she has poker smile and nobody knows what she is thinking. Alice is noisy, without secrets, she trusts too much and she created many scenes around. Some of her lovers were married..oops. Alice got a black eye in a fight with angry wife, because of her lover Steven. 

Human species is not fair to the group. Do you think people will love you if you are honest, fair and you play with open cards? You will be as a rabbit in the forest, and every hunter will shot you very easy.

Some people were born to play cold, others learned with time, and some will never learn, but this is a useful skill. 

Let’s see another part of the story, how will emotions work for you, when you push them in the right direction.

Love. Don’t turn around when you cut off some connections.

Sadness. Wipe your tears and open eyes. Someone will give you hand.

Anger. Take a deep breath before you decide to do some actions. 

Self-pity. Forget this, you are not perfect, but neither others are a masterpiece. You don’t want to be a clown, isn’t it?

Condolence. No, you can’t help this beggar who is asking coins every day, you have smarter things to do.

Guilt. Did you hurt someone? Everyone hurts someone, intentionally or by accident. It happens, shut down this memory.

When you make a decision, you can use this pattern. Remember that you don’t have obligations to play fair, you just want your piece of cake in this circus called life.


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