When your partner makes you embarrassed


You are crushed into your partner over ears. Will you let him do anything, no matter what people say? The opinion of others is not important, but if you don’t wish that people laugh at you or pity you, your partner will behave properly. What if you found a partner who makes you embarrassed?
This is a nightmare for every relation, someone you love is your shame. Men and women will afraid of a partner who will get them into an uncomfortable situation and in this case, there is a choice: stay with a partner or leave him.
On first sight, some characteristic will look cool in the eyes of people in love. Two teenagers are crazy in love, he said to his teacher to go to hell, he abandoned her class and shown middle finger. Later, when a couple grows up, he might leave his workplace with swearing. Then he will send his mother in law to hell.
Heather cried in relation to her ex-boyfriend Thomas, he was a great lover, but he ruined her reputation. All her friends started to avoid her because Thomas used nasty jokes about chubby girls and stupid blondes. He found it hilarious even he was the only one who laughed.
Boundaries between jokes and manners are very thin. Some things could be funny, but not appropriate.
Let’s see situations which women hate, and what will make them feel ashamed.
A partner who stinks. 
Untidy clothes, bad breath, sweat. Your friends might tease you, how you handle Mr. Stinky?
A partner who tries to flirt with your friends and female relatives.
It is all right if your partner is kind toward your friends, but when he started to comment their boobs and booties, that is not funny anymore.
A partner who talks about his ex’s in front of your friends or in publicity.
That is not nice, to be compared with past lovers.
A partner who ask you money, to pay drinks and food every time when you sit in the restaurant.
A partner who disrespect your parents and who doesn’t try to hide this. 
Aggressive macho man.
He is the one who will yell at you in front of people because you make your lunch with too much salt. 
On other hand, men are also terrified that their better half should make them ashamed.
Too open-minded women.
She talks openly about your penis, sex skills, and her sexual experience.
Smartass woman.
She knows everything better than her man.
Overprotective woman.
She is mother and partner at the same time. She is the one who wipes your mouth after a meal.
A woman who poke nose in male business.
She knows all about cars, football, Formula 1. She will correct you, who is the best player in Brazil.
Control freak.
She is the one who watches over you, like a policeman. She will give you advice about job and friends because she knows what is the best for you.
Jealous bitch. 
A woman who will make a scene every time when you talk with opposite gender.
Shame is opposite from pride. If you have a partner who makes your pride under question, that is bad for relationships. Partner should work on relation together and make a deal. You can yell at each other between four walls, but why should everybody know about your dirty laundry?
Some couples are masters to hide their skeletons in the closet. They are as queen and king, and nobody knows what is behind this. Others are actors in theater, for the audience, and that kind of people are subjects of gossips.
It does not matter what people say, but why to give them materials for rumors? After all, everyone likes to talk about others, more than about themselves. When a partner says: “I know you don’t like my sister, but for my love, talk with her kindly”, listen to this. It is not hard to pretend sometimes. You don’t like your mother in law, but you can say to her that she was right. She will shine, and her son will be grateful to you. Better that, than you make him blush.

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