5 myths about friendship with ex partner


Broken glass is not available for drink. Broken plate is not available for food. What is with your broken relation? The moment when you broke up , your relation finished. Stay tuned, because maybe your partner doesn’t think so.

After breakup women will cry, throw anger and maybe make revenge. It will happen immediately, cause broken woman’s heart is fragile and our mind could be crazy. Men are different, they will be quiet , enjoy in their new freedom or try to focus at work and friends. Suddenly, 3 weeks passed, you are brand new woman, and he called you. Now his time of suffering started, so he wants to be in your life again.

Here is a trap. 5 myths about friendship with ex boyfriend might fool you, because his intentions are not clean.

What kind of traps women fall the most?

He used sweet words as bait. He wants you in his bed, but not again in his life.

He wants to use you because he has some problems. Financial, maybe he wants money from you. Or he lost support of your mutual friends, and he wants back in your circle, over your back.

He wants contact with you because still he respects you, but he doesn’t love you anymore.

He is not used to erase people in his life. What he do, is because of his good manners.

He realize that he is not sure about his feelings. Breakup was his cold shower, but he is still in dilemma and he asks your help.


Here is problem with attitude and feelings. You might still love him, but he just still likes you. It is hard to be friend, especially if he found new woman, cause as his friend you will hard accept this. You inherit will be ugly, stupid, bitch, no matter how good is she, you don’t want to surrender yet.

Also, here is problem with ego. Why she, why not you? Why he did some things for her which he never did for you? For example, he stops drinking alcohol in her company, and you were the one who pick him from the floor when he was drunk?

Next problem is in your future. Undefined relation is obstacle on your way. You might meet someone new, but this old one is still disturbs you, even he doesn’t want you back?

The biggest mistakes you can do:

Having sex with ex. Don’t do it, it will be point for him, but not for you.

Call him back, even he was the one who left.

Ask him another chance, even he did not even mention this.

Now, let’s not be so pessimistic so let’s assume that he indeed still loves you. Well, why he hurt you then? Be hard target. Don’t let him in your life again just like that. Close and lock your door. Let he does trespass , because men like challenges. Let he yell, cries, call, until you decide to give him hint. That hint should never be invitation in your bed. Smile, say hello, talk as friend, drink coffee with him and walk away. Let he catch you again.

In the case that you decide to be just his friend, remember you will never be best friends. You will be as reminders on your mistakes. As the time will pass by, you will be happy to reach new level with new partners. It will fade and your ego will be saved.


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