How to control a hot temper?


Hot temper is a bomb. Every harsh word and provocation will make fire and person can explode. The system will simply collapse and all that is left are remains. You can be smart, beautiful, genius, but if you can’t control your reactions in important moments, your life will be hell.

Arthur is famous as a very hasty man. His rage is worse than flame, he destroys everything on his way. One day he returned earlier from a business trip. His wife had an unknown male guest and before she had a chance to say anything, he got mad and smacked him in the face. He was shocked until his mouth was bleeding, he explained that he is a new colleague from work and that they work at the common project. Damage was here, and Arthur regrets his action, but this man never visited them again.

It is easy to get angry. If you let your emotions to lead you, you are in trouble.

The way of anger and rage is full of thorns. You can hit someone who is stronger than you, he can sue you or his friends can make a pancake for you. Life is not a cartoon and when you get up things cannot be fixed. If you feel a large amount of rage, if you act like fury, find an alternative way to chill out. If you need to break glasses, do it in your house when nobody is watching this, or hit into a punching bag. Your anger is boiled water, and bubbles are around you, ready to make a flood.

Stella had love relation with Roman. During this relation, she found out that he has another relation with Ashley. He was the very wise guy who was sitting on two chairs. Girls were fighting, but nobody wanted to stay away. One day Stella decided to let go this impossible situation. She was tired of threats, paranoid phone calls and conflicts with Ashley. Simply she stopped to answer on Roman’s messages, he was asking for her but she was not there. In the same time, Ashley was his shadow, she was following him everywhere and he felt the rope around his neck. After two months Roman left Ashley, and Stella did not move an even little finger. She won in this battle, but she makes things harder for Roman. He was very persistent in his attempts to win her heart again. She accepted him after he proposes her.

If you are silent, calm, if you use ignorance, you will not lose. 

An opposite, your view will be more clear, finally, you give chance to your brain to think about. Instincts are hasty, if you do actions accord your feeling in one moment, you will lose. Yes how much I want to strangle this girl who tries to flirt with my boyfriend, but I will not give her a credit. She doesn’t exist, and if she wishes to prove an opposite, my mind will bring the calm decision.

The best revenge is a cold meal. 

Put your opponent on pending time. Until someone is waiting for your next move, you will get an advantage. The best methods are similar as in chess game. Wait until you move your king, start with a pawn. Protect your queen, don’t go naked into the battlefield. Save your best ways to the end. At the moment when your opponent think that game is over, you will stand up from the floor and fight back. This will be your victory because you gave chance yourself to calm down.


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