Love advise with the expiration date


Every woman was once a little girl. A naive child can swallow everything, and elders are here to teach her life lessons. That is how Nancy had distorted vision of love when she adopted knowledge by her grandmother. Her granny lived in a harmonious marriage with grandfather and they stayed together for forty years. Nancy dreamed about such husband, who will love and respect her forever.

Above all, Nancy got next lessons:

He will love you as you are. So, you don’t need makeup and fancy clothes.

The right guy is chosen for you by destiny. His name is written in the stars.

Everybody find somebody at the end. For everyone exists someone.

Be good and listen to your husband, so he will return you in the same way.

The right one will change himself just for you.

As a teenager, Nancy falls in love with Simon. She went on the first date in simply shirt, without makeup and with a stain on her trousers. Simon laughed so much when he saw her, and they were dating because she made him smile. But when Nancy continued to wear her casual clothes even in front of his parents, he called her messy girl. She gave him to sign, that she doesn’t care for herself, so he was not obligated to care for her too.

Next boyfriend was Raphael. Nancy met him in front of a nightclub when she was vomit after she drinks too much beer. She believed that it was a hint of destiny because he pukes in another corner. Their relation was a trade of alcohol and competition in sickness. When Raphael went to emergency on Saturday, Nancy realized that it is not the gift of fate, it was only punishment.

When she was thirty, she got married to Paul. She was a good wife, and she accepted all that Paul asked her. He was a businessman and she was constantly cooking dinners for his friends because he wanted to introduce her as kind of Stepford wife. Always in a nice skirt, with tied hair and an eternal smile on her face, Nancy was his personal servant. Paul left her because of his business partner Adele, they involved during business meetings.

Now Nancy is divorced and alone. Her grandmother died a long time ago, but Nancy realized that old wisdom doesn’t work in a new age. She was constantly chasing a wind, and that wind-blown her into an unknown direction.

She made an important conclusion, that it is not necessary to stick with someone who doesn’t want to do things for her. Love is not one-sided feeling, and for mutual relation both sides are participants. It is not true that everyone will have a happy end, because the world is full of single people who never found their partners, because of many different reasons.

Until you are in the game, there are still chances for you. It is not the same if you spent life on personal walls or if you collect some negative experiences. Some people will finish alone, but they will have a story behind themselves to talk about, to remember that once they were happy.

Granny did not tell her that she must jump in the water if she wants to learn swimming. If you constantly use swim belt, you will never swim alone. Also, love is not fair play, and if you play accord rules and blocks, it is not guaranteed for good result. When you feel that you stuck in a blind alley, change your strategy and forget all that your grandmother teach you. You are responsible for yourself and nobody else will save you, so turn your brain when your heart starts to beat faster. Love through granny’s glasses looks different nowadays, with some updates and changes.


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