How to get rid of the mistress?


Sparks are a cruel tool. In the beginning, two people will fall in love and they can’t explain chemical reaction between them. Why they want to rip each other clothes, why they want to kiss all the time, and why everything is less important than their love, the answer is somewhere in the heart.

When this situation chills out, love is discarded, a person is rejected and it could be an obstacle to your future. What we can say, that all that happened wasn’t real? Or it was the just magical moment with a deadline?

Some men are simply promiscuous. They will get married and once when they feel comfortable, hunter zone is again opened for them. What they need is the mistress. They will find a mistress, but then, after some time, the mission is accomplished, and what now? They need new flesh, but how to get rid of old flesh?

Stephan is one of the bosses in high position, he works for the government. He is in the happy marriage, with two kids. His secretary, Alice, is a sexy young woman. Once, on the business trip, they involved and slept together. This relation continued and Alice started to believe that he will leave his wife. That was fake hope. Stephan soon realized that Alice is similar to his wife. Passion moments became annoying moments. Alice was ordering, complaining and nagging. She took the role of wife, even she was not in the position to do this. When Alice replied on important business call, without asking, Stephan got mad and broke up with her. Alice was desperate. She was stalking him, and Stephan fired her. She lost everything, and Stephan did not even apologize to her. Simply, he wanted to avoid drama and to erase her from his life. A few months later, Stephan hired a new secretary, Betty. He involved with Betty, but she was not an instant adventure. She was mysterious and not easy to get. She gave choice to Stephan, to leave his wife if he wants to continue with her. Stephan left his wife and kids. He really falls in love with Betty and he chose life with her.

Men will often ask, how to leave previous love, and not to hurt her? In Croatia, we would say, you can’t be fucked and fair at the same time. 

When man fed up with his mistress, he is cruel, even without intentions. 

What men usually do in this case?

They stop send messages.

Avoid every conversation.

They stop to call.

They find many excuses not to meet with this women.

They are constantly in rush, busy and without free time.

If you are the man who wishes to be fair, a gentleman with good manners, if you don’t wish to hurt ex-love, you should do next:

Explain in few words your reasons, why you can’t be together more. 

Tell her that you don’t want scenes or scandals.

Show respect and say thanks for the time you spent together.

Tell her that she deserves someone who is better for her.

When you see her, after a breakup, don’t turn your head. Say few polite words.

If she will need the favor from you if she might ask you for help later, do it. 

Do not underestimate her, don’t make her miserable. Especially don’t insult her. 

You can find out about person many things after the breakup. Even women will say, pain is the same no matter about way of the breakup, it is better to say goodbye on the nice way, than to be kicked out in the ass, like the last trash. 

After the time, things will look different. You might walk with your husband in front of your ex-lover. This ex-lover can talk with you, with respect. At least it will not be the uncomfortable situation for you. You are someone who is respected. Maybe your husband works with your ex-lover? Better that he is the gentleman.

Imagine a situation that you broke up in a terrible way with your ex, and you did not want to leave him alone. Your present boyfriend heard rumors about you, something as “take care of her, she is insane.”  This label you don’t need really. 

Walk like a lady if you had a deal with trash. Walk like a lady if you had a deal with a gentleman. In both cases, you can win. In the first case, you had no luck, and in second case your luck was with the deadline.


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