How much the internet affects your real life?


The secret is something hidden and we don’t want to reveal this to everybody. Nowadays, secrets have a different meaning, because if you share the secret with someone on the internet, don’t be so sure that you will keep this safe.

Bertha was very surprised when her mother in law come into her house. She was so angry that she attacked Bertha in the same minute when she opened the door.

– What I heard from you? That you will divorce from my son?


All was clear because Bertha had the small argument with her husband Roy and she wrote in her Facebook status “divorced.” She wanted to show him that she is still desirable because he was adding pretty girls into his page and commented their photos on the nasty way. Bertha was angry so she changed status. Even she had this status in only one night, she got many private messages from worried people and some new friend requests. Also, someone with bad intentions called her mother in law to tell her the bad news.


Bertha invited her on coffee to explain what is going on. Her mother in law is a primitive woman. She raised in a village, between pigs and cows and she has no idea about social networks, she even doesn’t know to turn on a computer. But, she knows one fact, that people will talk bad about her son and his wife because they will divorce. How she will explain this to relatives and neighbors?


– Don’t worry, it was only a joke. Please calm down.

– How will I calm down? You embarrassed your children, how I will go to the market and look people in the eyes?


Indeed, secrets and privacy are modified on the internet. 

If you work at the workplace with strict rules, don’t appear on social networks in provocative clothes or don’t put photos from parties.

Especially don’t write the name of your workplace and then gossips about your bosses.

Don’t open a page with your real name and your address.

You want to tell the world who are you and that you are successful, but take care, not everybody will like you. Some people are malicious. For example, someone reported Lisa to her headmaster because Lisa was an admin on one social forum about love problems. Lisa had big troubles to explain at work why she writes on the forum during work time. 

When we are angry, sad, excited, even drunk, the computer is good as a tool to throw out feelings from ourselves. Let’s write, send messages, post photos. Later, we can regret. Someone will be hurt. Someone wants to get revenge. Some people are waiting in ambush for victims, busybodies want to dig into other lives because they don’t have own problems. 

When you log in on the internet, it is like you are guest on radio or television reality show. What you had for breakfast? Which sexual pose you like the most? What is your middle name? Don’t worry, everybody will find out. 

Even worse, you are under a virtual magnifier. Everything you said or did might have a double meaning. 


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