Are you a person of your ages or time pass over you?


Everybody will remember old uncle Albert from comedy serial “Only fools and horses. ” When he started to talk about “during the war” stories, his family members were yelling “shut up Albert!”. Elders could be boring and annoying people even they are not aware of this. It doesn’t matter how old are you, the matters are your mental age. If you are old in soul, you are a fossil.

Bertha and Emily are two different women. Bertha is 40, and Emily is 45. In weekend time, they talked about plans. 

Bertha said: “I will sleep all Sunday and read a good book. Maybe I finish my knitting. “

Emily said: “I go to a concert of Pearl Jam. Evan invited me, it will be a cool night.”

The reaction of Bertha: “Aren’t you too old for this? There will be a crowd, kids will push you from all sides. And that noise, omg, how can you listen to this?”

Emily replied: “No I am not old, I feel very well thank you. But you are old and grumpy. “


How can you know that people around you consider you as an old zombie?

You poke your nose everywhere, teaching and preaching about everything, even you don’t know anything about some subjects. 

When you talk, you use past time, as you have Alzheimer illness. 

“It was before twenty years. I remember you had a blue suit when you proposed me.”

You are nostalgic, because, accord you, everything was better before.

You talk with other people from heights, as they are kids. 

“Oh, I could be a mother to you. You are still greenhorn dear.”

You are definitely not in trend. 

“What kind of song is this? This is an incredible rattle. What you wear today? Oh, that skirt is too short, that makeup is for aliens, not for you.

I believe that elder people should have dignity in a way to respect other choices. If you are grumpy and you complain about everything around you, that makes you older. It doesn’t matter do you have 30 or 50 years. You are as old computer who reject new updates. You are a virus, resistant to changes.

Advice from elders is useful to young people if you use humor until you talk with them. Also, treat them with equality. Years are no guarantee of intelligence. You can be smart with 20 and other could be stupid with 50. 

Let your spirit fly out from this cage. Don’t afraid to smile and enjoy things which are for young people. It is not forbidden to go to a nightclub or in concert, even young people are there. Wear this short skirt if you feel good in this. What others think, does it matter? 

Everyone will get old. Some people are old all their life, others are young until the last day. Better to live few days as a lion, than 100 days as sheep.


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