Who is dating online?


One of prejudices about virtual relations is that only ugly and desperate people get involved in relations over computer monitor. If you ask some people who is dating online, they will see teenage boy who is 100 kilograms weight and live in the basement, so his mother brings him pizza until he is surfing on his new PC. Or, maybe they will see old woman with cats and thick glasses who watch soap operas and meanwhile her computer is opened 24 hours. 

You would be surprised by fact that everyone of us can fall in love in virtual space. What is common to us who fall in virtual love trap is lack of something from real life. In the moment when you find yourself staring into some profiles , you are already there, as sober man who is going to pub and start to drink big bottle of  beer. 

What are reasons to spend much time in virtual chat rooms?

Asking for a friend. Your real friends were assholes or you are so busy with work that you can’t find time for them, so it is easy to find friend in virtual space.

Attention. Nobody listen to you and your problems, but in internet you can post awesome status and pull attention on yourself.

Admiration. Nobody gives a shit for you in reality, but on internet you may surprise people how special you are, so they will admire to you.

Sex. Your real sex life doesn’t exist, or is boring or lame or you have no appropriate partner, or you are too picky or shy. But in internet pages, you can enjoy to watch striptease of some women and to do masturbation.

Love.  There is a long time as you did not feel sparks, and if you are talking with special stranger on internet, you can feel it.

In movie “Her” guy fall in love in his operative system. That is only computer voice, (in movie voice of Scarlett Johansson) and guy lose all contact with real world. When she admits to him that she is connected on such way with thousand users, he is jealous. That is negative side of virtual space, you never know if your special virtual darling shares fairy tale with other people too. You can say to him or her delicate details about your privacy, but how can you be sure that somebody else will not found out this, too?

Internet is big trap. If you are handsome, smart, powerful, ambitious and respectable person in reality, lies will not spare you anyway. Joan was successful manager, but she fall in love in stranger from Greece, and she was doing cyber sex with him even during pause in her office. All until the day when confused client came earlier and reveal her privacy, with red face and blouse on the floor. Joan get lost herself just like that, because Dimitris from Greece had special way to make her mind horny. She was busy, her body was not in action a long time ago, her ex husband left her because of nurse, and she was perfect target for manipulative guy who will give her magic moments.

Your virtual partner is the personification of someone who misses in your life. 

Maybe you wanted to date a model? In internet are many fake models. Do you want to date with gang leader? Here is new Al Capone for you. Maybe you just want old fashioned gentleman, he will come with right words for you. They will promise, someone will give you numbers, even send tickets to travel to them, and some will meet with you.

The moment you meet with your virtual mate is moment of truth. Sasha met with Peter who was cool guy on photos, but she revealed that his fingers are hairy, what a shock. He was midget, too. When virtual curtain falls down, actors are on the stage and they represent themselves, but they will show what they real are, not what they played until now. So until now this person was your sweetheart, and now you may update your heart, to compare your perception with reality. 

If you still like what you see, you are winner in this love lottery.


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