Are you a busy queen bee?


Every woman dream about to express yourself in private life and in business. Some of us are really successful because they have luck or they are organized and surrounded with people who can help with obligations.

Woman with 3 children and successful business career needs the help of her family. Husband, her mother, mother in law are here to help her with the daily burden. This happens if everything is alright inside of her family. An ordinary woman is not a celebrity as Angelina Jolie and she can’t effort to pay babysitters and bunch of servants. She needs the lot of ideas and creative mind how to handle this busy life.


What happens when things go wrong? 

Angela had big plans. She wanted to have kids, rich husband and successful career as the judge in District Court. During years, her husband was too busy because he was the doctor , a surgeon. Kids were sick and Angela did not have the help of her mother in law because she lived far away from her. Soon at her workplace came new intern, to learn about the job. Angela saw this opportunity to spend more time with kids and she took free days but also she connected this with so-called sick benefit. Her husband gave her support that she can pretend sickness, just to be with her 3 kids.

The new intern got all business burden on her back. Bunch of files, appeals, hard cases and nervous clients were in front of her office. She did her best, but when Angela get back after one month, she started to complain of her mistakes. That client should not pay so small money penalty. That case of inheritance should not finish on that way. A new girl almost got the breakdown and she had the big conflict with Angela, especially because she was employed to do voluntary work at court, for symbolic money.


Sometimes women are very selfish in their desires to take everything. 

The same as queen bee, they want to rule with private and business life, without thinking about others who can help too. When Angela said “but my kids had flu”, she was thinking about her family, but not about the girl who worked for her. There is a line. It will be the moment in life when everything is crushing. Then, we can’t blame others. We must know the balance between our wishes and desires.

Besides, when the woman thinks she can do all by herself, others will not help her properly. Maybe husband will not take care of kids because his queen bee knows this the best. Maybe mother in law will not cook lunch because she feels it will not be good enough.

When the woman has the career and the big family, she must slow down and accept the help of others. Only on this way, she will avoid to judge or blame others for her mistakes.


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