Are you a typical tender woman?


The pink color is for girls, blue is for guys – that is the first difference between genders which we noticed in childhood. This statement talks about women more than it seems like. It considers woman as fragile, gentle creature who will cry if you touch her and it gives an obligation to cherish her with attention.

If you are a man with such draft, for sure your will consider woman as someone who likes flowers, romantic song, and movies, someone who confirm your every word and clap hands when you express your attitude. You will expect that woman should be always kind, nice and with a smile on her face. Also, you will not tolerate conflicts because it is not woman’s business to involve in man’s things. As in middle age, a woman who was arguing should be exposed on the square as a bad example.

Some men have no idea about woman’s shades. Women are not black and white, bad and good. The woman is more than pretty hair, cute smile, and gentle words. The woman is strong inside more than you think.

Trouble happens when a macho man, so-called alpha wolf try to deal with a blunt woman.

Gerard used to deal with many women. Mostly, they fall on his charm and obeyed to him. He started to get bored because they were all the same. He did not remember even their names. His strategy was the same: sweet words, flowers, chocolate, dinner with candles, walking by the sea in his city and hot night in a hotel. After that, Gerard kept contact with them, but not because he cared, just because to call them again when it will be their turn. He picked women from the same basket. They were about 10-15 years older than he, mostly lonely, divorced or hungry for love.

Then he met Alicia. She was a blunt woman, tired of bad experiences but full of life. It was something at her what captured his heart immediately, her strong will and defiance. Even when she slept with him, she did not want to obey. She did all opposite to his wishes because she heard about his reputation. She left his city without notifying him and later send him a message that they don’t match together. She saw his cell phone full of naked videos and she decided, not to be part of this. Gerard felt he fall in love first time in his life, and all he could do to wait for her to change her mind. Alicia asked for serious relation, and Gerard had a dilemma, to say goodbye to her or to his previous life. Meanwhile, one of his mistresses, Helga, called him to arrange a meeting. She said, I am in your city and I am coming for half hour. Gerard promised to himself, it will be last time and then I will call Alicia to come back to me. Gerard entered into hotel’s coffee bar to drink coffee with Helga.  Suddenly he felt that someone is watching him. Near this table, a woman with black shades smiled at him. It was Alicia, who came back to give him another chance. When she saw Helga, she approached their table and said: “Enjoy this coffee, even I think it gets cold already. ” Gerard never saw Alicia again.

To get back on the start of this story, different women need a different approach. Some women will be pleased even for crumbs of man’s attention. Other women will never accept to stand in the line and share a man with other women. So, we are different. Some of us will more appreciate the invitation to a football match than rose petals. Some of us will accept to sleep on the floor with a right man better than to spend the night in an expensive hotel. If you are a man, and if you use the wrong approach for the woman you like, think about where you went wrong.

If you love a woman, you should start from her nature, not from generalization, that girls are pink, and boys are blue. Some of us are black, violet and red, and you should have guts to stand near our fire.


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