Middle solutions are not good to deal


Life is big tasty cake. People will gather around the table to grab the best pieces. Some will take the best parts, others will take only what is left. Who will be the winner? The winner is not a person who is faster than others. This is the person who rejects to take crumbs. 

Everyone wishes the best for himself. Beautiful woman, good job, a lot of money, nice house. Do you wait for a granny with plate and cookies or you take some efforts to realize that? Or, you are satisfied with middle solutions? We can’t have everything, but some things we deserve.

Love is an area where middle solutions are just comforted. Sometimes, our heart is willing to accept middle solutions because we love someone too much to let him go. We can’t take this eraser because we will suffer.


What are middle solutions in love?

I don’t love you so you can be my friend.

I like you but I don’t love you so you can be my mistress.

I want you in my life but not in the way you wish to call me sometimes.

Middle solutions are crumbs. They are destroyers of pride and dignity. Why you take this from a guy who underestimates you if another guy would offer you much more?

Besides, if you are satisfied with crumbs, you will live a whole life with pieces. Others will realize their dreams, you will watch other ‘s success and something inside of you will make you frustrated. This little worm is digging into your soul, why you let yourself to live like this?

Big changes need big cuts, the same as you need to throw crumbs if you wish to get the whole cake. It is familiar feeling when you love someone so much that you will accept him in every circumstance. 

When will you wake up?

When you see that he respects and love another woman. 

When he is ready to take stars for her, and you are just number for him.

When he is rude or cruel to you because you are his nothing.

Life is a movie, and you are one of the actors. What is your role, on the stage or in the background? Do you wish to watch others eternally how they take things in front of your nose until you are in the corner?

When someone says to you “life sucks”, be sure this is the person who missed his best opportunities. They disappeared in a cloud of smoke. So close, and yet so far away, because he had no guts to take whole cake.


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