Can you introduce yourself as a black sheep?

15 - 1 (3)


Society is covered by rules. Don’t do this, be careful with this, you should not do this. Conformists will follow this rules without complaining because they need this as orientation. This is like a compass for them, how to behave if you don’t write tips. They would be lost.

An opposite, rebels make own rules which are not in harmony with rules of society. It doesn’t mean that rebels will behave against law, they will simply not fit in.

It was the end of school year and children in the class decided about celebration. In former Yugoslavia, all parties were with folk music, and singers as Lepa Brena were very popular. Everybody in class accepted to make celebration with bellows, but Maja said no. The sound of bellows was awful for her ears. She did not come that day in school, simply she stayed at home. They said to her that she is an awesome sausage, in Yugoslavia, it was a symbol for black sheep.

Maja was a fan of Metallica and she stayed by her taste and attitude. Her friends gossiped her, but she did not care.

– Why did you not come? Everybody talks about you how weird you are.

Strange, weird, odd, just some of the description to mark different people. Especially in socialism, there was the principle of equality. All people should be modest and equal. Just, some were more equal than others, that was the real truth.

Next case happened on prom night. Sandra did not want to dance, and guys were laughing at her. Girl, and you don’t know to dance? Let me teach you. Sandra did not accept this. She simply wanted to sit and talk. Why force her into something she did not want?


Black sheep live in a different way.

Childhood – I will not play with Barbie dolls because I don’t like them

Youth – I will not smoke, drink or have sex because everyone else does this

Maturity – I will not listen, my boss, because I have right to ask other opinions or I have my ideas

Old age – I am not sick soi don’t want to go to the medical center

If you are black sheep, you are not sensitive to critics, you don’t have many friends, but you have the biggest choice. Be sure, others are envious and jealous because you have guts. You paid your price, but you got an award, to authorize your personality as a brand.


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