How to treat the immature jerk after a break-up?



The wise quote says: “About ex’s and dead people talk the best. ” When everyone should support this, breakups would be easier. The breakup by itself is a hard thing, no matter how much compromises you got and how much time you spent in relation. Even the relation faded or you started to feel a boredom, when this moment comes, one part of your life is over and you need to turn another page.

There are few truths about breakups:

You will see with whom you were in a relationship after he gone.

You will see how many people respected you after he gone.

You will see who is your replacement and that will be signing how much you meant to him.

Mature men will never talk bad about women after their relation finished. Simply, according to their beliefs, that is a private thing. It is not necessary to talk about this with other family members, with friends, or neighbors. Let’s forget and move forward. She was awesome, but she was not the right one.

If you had the bad luck to involve with a jerk, things are different. Immature men are the ones with a big ego. It has not anything with love. He maybe did not give a fuck, but now when you are not with him, you are the worst creature on this Earth. He must seek a revenge, to prove others that you are a bad half of this story and that he was a good guy.

After Marc split with Ellen, he was silent at first. His last words were: “Don’t call me, don’t disturb me, don’t write me. ” Ellen accepted this even she had a period of sadness because they split on the ugly way. Two weeks passed, and then she found a message in her inbox, on her social page. It was a photo, Marc with two women who hugged him. They were older than he and not pretty. Marc wanted to hurt Ellen, to show her muscles, because he wanted to see her pain. Instead of this, Ellen hit him in his weak spot, it was money. Marc had money debts, and Ellen knew he borrowed money from older ladies. So Ellen wrote to him: “Please don’t disturb me, I am busy. I hope that ladies paid you to drink, and I am glad you found your soul mate, so at least you will leave me alone.”

Marc was furious. It was not what he expected. After all, she should be angry or sad, she should sink in tears. Instead of this, Ellen had good fun, she was sarcastic. She laughed at him. He did not write her again.


What to do when you have to deal with an immature jerk after a breakup?

Be silent, even he provokes you.

If you reply him, make it short, and walk away with a smile.

Block him messages or profile on social pages.

Block his number.

Don’t talk about him with his friends.

If he is persistent, tell him that you are very busy.

Don’t drag other people in your conflict. 

This situation could be painful. You might believe that he wants to get back to you, but the truth is different. Such man seeks revenge because you did something wrong accord his beliefs, you hurt his ego or he could not put you in the cage. Dominant men are like these, they wish to humiliate independent women who will not listen every his word.

You need to draw a line between ego and romance. If he wanted to get back to you, he would apologize at first. He would send you flowers, talk nicely with you, and he would be alone. Men who jump into other relation soon after a breakup is just a player. Or he is so insecure that he needs a shoulder for crying.

The worst thing you can do is to make a conflict with his present girlfriend. She has nothing with you. She is here now, who knows how long she will stay, and after all, she got your luggage. She will see by herself what kind of character is this man.


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