Why some women stalk beloved men?


Harassment is a sign of despair. When a person tries to get into force something that he cannot get on the nice way, that is called for help. In many cases, women will talk about sexual abusers, pushy maniacs who disturb them in a real and a virtual life. So-called male pigs are everywhere, starting from early childhood when guys pull on hair little girls, asking for their attention, and until nowadays when man whistle to a sexy woman on the street.
For sure, every woman faced with the unpleasant situation. You are walking and a bunch of manual workers is yelling “Hey chick, come here sweetheart. Come to me baby, give me your number. ” I see the smirk on your face because every normal woman would not fall on the pushy man. Now, imagine yourself in a different situation. You saw a handsome man in the street and start to stare at him. Next step, you wish to know his name, number of his phone, place where he is living. Sit on the bench in the park where he is sitting, just to talk with him. He might roll with his eyes, but he is polite and he will listen what you wish before he shows you way out.
As much world is filled with pushy men, the same is on woman’s side. Men will say that is good to meet pushy women with an open mind, because of easy sex. Also, in the times of despair, men will use a pushy woman to fill their needs for talking, dating, feeding ego. Well, not all men are the same and if you are a really annoying woman, you are turn off example.
Helen went with her new boyfriend in a local nightclub. Paul was never there, cause he was from another city and he wanted to see the place where Helen live. They went to have fun and that night was a big crowd. Paul felt that local women stare at him, he was different from domestic guys, his clothes were fancy and he had gentleman’s style. Soon he felt a hand on his butt. One of local “ladies” pinched his butt and smiled at him. Helen was very angry and drag his boyfriend on another part of the club. Paul was equally surprised. His reaction was: “Don’t worry my dear, she is indeed ugly. And it never happened to me before. “
Maybe some other guy would think that is very cool to pinch him for butt, but Paul was a gentleman and he had his standards. That woman was cheap in his eyes, and his girlfriend Helen raised her price. After all, Helen did not approach him first. He saw her mysterious smile and offered her drink and it was beginning of their story.
If you think guys are rude, if you had no success with guys, think about are you doing some mistakes.
This mistakes will rate you low:
You send your half-naked photos to guys on the internet, even you hardly know them.
You comment other photos as you never saw men. “Wow, gorgeous, perfect, masterpiece!”
You walk around half naked, inviting guys for a date or ask their number. 
You don’t mind if the guy you wish is already taken or even married.
Now, imagine yourself in a bar full of men, and you want to buy a drink. One man hugs you around the neck, other men push a glass of beer next to your mouth. The third man slaps your butt. Abusing, start of rape, violence, right? Well, in women world is also possible to get a bad experience. The handsome guy might feel unpleasant when woman’s crowd scream his name as he is a rock star. The woman could abuse in many ways, and still, she will tell that she is a woman and that is allowed because a woman can’t rape a man.
When a man has a soul, he doesn’t want to be raped in the verbal way or emotional or any other way. When you push yourself as an opportunity to a particular man, you take him away from his choice. Then, he will think in two directions: he might reject you and show you the door or he might use you for the purpose, but I guarantee you that he will not call you again.
Maybe you enjoy to be a woman on the first line, but it is not nice if you expose yourself as a bad example. You don’t need to beg, force or negotiate with the man if you want man. Some others might kill for your attention.

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