Do you live in the box?


If you wish to search a key of life, remember all pain which you passed. Under this pain were joy and achievement, because you earned this. You did not surrender, you were struggling, you faced all troubles and still, you keep walking. That is a real life, maybe under your expectation, but the biggest reward is that you participated.

When someone dies, we look on his life, as history. A person who had a lot of love, family, and friends did not live in vain. This person will leave a track and memories. I don’t believe in miracles and I see all unexpected events as a bonus. The rest is on me, and there is no game if I don’t want to play.

The saddest part of life is not death. The worst thing you can ever do is to surrender. If you close yourself in the box, you are dead since you were born. A passive people, chickens, and cowards are living in the cage, with a big fear that someone will open their cage and air of life will blow them into an unknown place.

How does it look, when you are living in the box?

You never went out from the place you were born. Your house is your shelter, and you live under an umbrella.

You will avoid traveling because undesirable things could happen to you.

You will avoid love relations when you realize that their content is also sadness and pain.

You will never work because unpleasant people are around you.

You will be a bohemian person, without friends, because friends can hurt you also.

You will never risk if you are not 100% sure that you should accept an offer.

Let me introduce Aida to you. She is a religious girl and she has strong faith in God. Her little world is locked with thousand keys. She lives with parents and relatives in the big house. She never had job and relation. She never made love with a man. She never left her city, even for a small trip. Aida has 40 years old. She is a pretty woman, educated and she is definitely not stupid. What is wrong with her? She believes that her God will bring her miracles. She is untouchable and she broke many friendships because people were terrified of her story. She believes, that real man will knock at her door. In her dreams, he is rich, smart, handsome as a model and he loves only her. Then they will live in big house with big family. During her life, Aida met some impostors and she blamed bad fate for this. Problem was, she was never able to get out from her box and to face it with life. All these real opportunities were not good enough for her because her standards are very high. So, still, she is waiting for her Prince charming.

We can easily know when someone is living in the box.

If you try openly to talking with this person, she will be insulted, because you show reality.

She will watch movies, soap operas and she is probably in love with the main actor from some romantic comedy.

She will make gossips about others because she lives their lives.

She will try to compare herself to others. So, even she is alone, it is better than a husband who earns small money or husband who is not so handsome. She would not let him approach her box.

Why are we, humans? We will do a lot of efforts and mistakes, we will be sad, angry, embarrassed or even devastated. If you have guts, you will wipe dust and get up, as Phoenix. Real people arise from the dust with a smile. Winner will never accept even to get into the box.

The winner has wings and flies in open, insecure heaven. There is maybe dangerous eagle and circumstances are against him. That is the beauty of life, black background with red roses. Pick up your rose and repaint your background, because you can do it. Throw out the key to your box, and then burn this box.


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