How do wives deal with a husband’s mistresses?

You love him, but she also loves him. Here is the crowd in this love circle, and one of you must get out. A love triangle with one man and two women are filled with pain and tears.
When you know that you share a guy with another girl, you should give up on him. Now, the main question is: “Why should I give up? Let other woman get out and leave him alone.”
This is the ungrateful position. Wife and children on the right side, mistress on the left side. The wife can lose a lot. Stability, financial situation will be worse, children will suffer and divorce is not so good idea. This is not just matter of just one person, if the wife has two children, we have three ruined lives, all because of a fatal woman, sexy mistress of your husband.

A wise woman will play on this card of women solidarity. Many won this game with an ace of solidarity in their pocket. Two women, same gender, we should understand each other.

When Lydia found out that her husband is cheating her with Ingrid, a woman from his office, she called her to drink coffee together. Lydia was not furious or rude. She was a lady as always, and she said:
Dear, you have no idea what are you doing with my husband. We are married 20 years. Our children are almost adult, and of course, we get bored from time to time. This routine can ruin all passion. But, he is not a rich man, and if we will divorce, I will take him all money. You will earn money for him. Also, he is boss of the department, if his business partners will know for the affair, he will fall on low position. Divorce is big trauma and it will affect his job, and the job is his first love. He will hate you. But, if you love him so much you will be poor and happy. Also, do you know he still has sex with me? Think about next time when he will touch you.
Ingrid had just opened mouth and she stayed without words. She expected that Lydia will spill coffee on her or slap her, but really nothing like that happened. Lydia was coldblooded and kind, but her words were cutting her heart as a knife. Ingrid was blushing from shame. She started to feel compassion toward children and she could not imagine herself in a situation which Lydia described.
As Lydia said:
I don’t know you dear, but if you will be lucky to find a husband, one day some women can do this to you. The same you did to me. Think about how would you feel in my place. 
Lydia finally shown to her photos of her children and Ingrid started to cry. She did not feel good and she left the coffee bar.
After this meeting,  with time, Ingrid learned about women solidarity. She left his lover without explanation, even she asked to be removed from his department.
Sometimes, we must teach men that they are wrong. If you think that your men will never desire another woman, you live in illusion. You need to find a way how to stop him but without force and begging. One of the ways is woman solidarity.

You will see on social networks many funny situations.

Men will write that they are married or engaged. Then they will add hot and sexy friends, and their wife will follow them. If you added the man who is already taken, and his wife is on Facebook, invite her too and show her that you have no interest in her husband. Yes, I know, nobody can steal a guy from a computer monitor, especially if the guy lives in another country. Just, this is a matter of pride.

Your guy has status in relation, and he is flirting on other walls? Let we kill this bitches. No, very wrong. You can add hot guys too and this game will be never-ending. Or you can appeal to women solidarity. Any smart woman will not involve in other relations. It can be only humiliation, imagine you flirt with other husband and he kicks you out from his page when he will get what he wanted. His wife can have the password too, so if you send a hot message, she will read this.

We are women, fragile, sensitive, but very dangerous and jealous when we love. Don’t touch my man, and I will not touch yours too.

2 thoughts on “How do wives deal with a husband’s mistresses?

  1. This is truly how i feel. I would love to see women handling infidelity professionally instead of instantly engaging into catfights. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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