Why some people always get late for meetings?


You had a deal to meet your friend at 11 a.m. She is again getting late, even you warned her last time that you don’t like it. Finally, she came, with an innocent smile on her face, after you waited her half hour. Will you forgive her because this is part of her personality? A person who is getting late is more than clumsy accord other’s feelings. She is unstable, distrustful and disrespectful.

Ok, if you think that is not a big deal, imagine a situation where you are standing on open space when outside is snow and wind, and you are waiting for a person more than 15 minutes. For sure, this is not comfortable and you feel like a fool. Try to get late next time when you have a deal with her, so let she feels how it is. Experiences learned us, we got the point after we pass through the same things, when we did not believe to others how hard it is.


Some situations are unpredictable and you will get late as much you try to come on time. A person with good manners will take a cell phone to make a call or send a message. “Sorry, I will be late. Can you wait for me 10 minutes or we can deal for another time?”

Imagine that you are at work and you have a deal with a client. He expects you, and you can’t come at a time. It happened to David, and he did not give a shit. He is a lawyer and he had a deal with meeting with his client, a woman who had problems with divorce. David had messy private life, and she was at lunch with a mistress when his client called him that he forgot their deal. Also, she traveled from another city to meet with him. David simply forgot about this, and he said “let’s meet another time”, but his client canceled all. He was not trustful.

People who will late at dates are a special category. 

Wilma waited for his boyfriend Rob half hour, she was freezing in short skirt, according to his wishes. He came with his friend after she was red in face and she already started coughing. “Sorry, we were at shopping to get some booze. ” It was very funny to them because they were drunk, but Wilma felt humiliated, less important and underestimated.

Nowadays everyone owns a cell phone, the internet coffee bars are available on every corner, and it is impossible not to make a good deal or to apologize if you had something urgent. Yes, someone can kidnap you or you can get bad news, but if you are repeating bad pattern, nobody will trust you. Or, if you tolerate someone who is getting late, you will always wait much longer than you realized.


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