Are you just his number?


Some women are always satisfied with remains of man’s attention. Their legendary statements are: „let he comes home“, „now is all right between us“ or „other girls are for sex and I will stay with him“. That is confirmation that woman is pleased with part of love and attention, as someone who waits on the line. It is easier to fool yourself, lie to yourself or having a relationship which exists only in your mind.

We, women, are emotional species and it is hard for us to make love with someone who is not our soul match. If you are not gold digger who cares only about money, you will not be with someone you don’t care about.  You can date with him night or two, but later is a phase of pretending, acting and feeling of sickness, nuisance and conscience’s guilt because you use someone who doesn’t owe your heart.

Relations with men who are not in your heart or if they are just dear to you are indeed waste of time. You will sit with someone at the coffee table and your eyes will be around, for a better opportunity. He will introduce you to his handsome friend and you will regret why he sits next to you when he has so attractive buddies.  He will buy you gift, and you would like to throw this into garbage box. Really, relation with someone who can’t swap you on feet or make you lose your breath is as raping of yourself.  It is dry love, without heartbeats.

Men are on the different side, they are another story. Indeed some men are sophisticated and they will not go in bed with every woman, or some will reject an even beautiful woman because they are in love in someone else, but also many men will accept the flirt offer even they don’t like a particular woman. Many men will accept an offer for one night to please their ego or that society not consider them as cuckolds. As man’s circle would say: „Why you don’t shag her, you don’t have to marry her. „

Here is time for soap opera because not every woman will recognize that she is on the way station. Some women will gain fake hope that they seduced a beloved man. Other women will think, yes he slept with me and it means something. They will say, he would not accept to have sex if he did not care. If hot meeting repeats, their beliefs will be even deeper. Such women collect crumbs whole life and if they spent the night with an attractive man, they will say „at least he was the hot guy“ or „it was a night to remember. „

How to realize that you were on way station with your man? How to avoid repeating this mistake?

You were the author of this meeting. You called him, sent him messages, and he replies after few attempts after you bored him or he is just silent without any question.

You made plans for meeting and all details, maybe you paid expenses too.

He is quiet and he doesn’t call you after you met. You call him but he is busy.

You attacked him but he is silent again and tries to get out from the situation with short sentences as „forgive me, it would not work out, I am not the guy for long relations. „

A woman in love is a blind trophy. She is a one-eyed cat and she sees only one side of the story. His kiss, his gentle hug, few excuses and soft words. Even if it happens only once, she asks for explanations and blames herself because she did not make enough efforts or she could not keep a guy.

When Ellen was so persistent to stalk Andrew in a nightclub and she came there every weekend just to kiss him in dark corner, her friend Alison was so worried. She has rolling eyes while Ellen talked about hot Andrew who is so good kisser and she warned her that is not a good way to be with a guy. This was love by force, while Andrew was waiting for Helen’s first step, but he never asked her to date. After three weeks Alison decided to talk with Andrew because she was tired of stories of the broken heart.  Andrew accepted her call and gave his explanation: „Well, I am not with Ellen. She is with me, but I am not her boyfriend, she just came to me so I don’t want to hurt her. „

Men who use women as way stations are not enough cruel to say them straight to face real truth. They are charming players, they go on sideways, they wait until women realize the point or until it becomes boring.  They pull women to leave them because they ignore them, provoke them, underestimated them or they just use silence as an answer.  Well, this situation has a deadline and that is why is easy to define it. You can’t call someone ten times without feedback. You can’t repeat always the same to the guy without his attention or will to even listen to you and fix his mistakes. He simply doesn’t care.

Way stations are not final destinations. These are the wrong turn, places before the main path, so that is why that places are defined by the deadline. If you are a woman who was in his life 5 minutes and he doesn’t extend your deadline, say goodbye to him. Go to the main destination with a smile on your face and warn your female friends that way stations are not comforted zones.


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