10 ways how to test your trust in people


It is very easy to get fooled. Someone cheated you, you are misguided? Don’t blame yourself, it could happen to everyone. The difference is in a way, how to get out from this and avoid future disappointments.

Naivete is a sign of trust, just in extreme form. If you believe in everything, you are naive.

Life would be boring without risks. If you are too cautious, you step into the paranoid area. Wow, everyone is against me, I am on the black list and for sure this is again my bad luck. On that way, you close yourself into a golden cage, and nobody could harm you. How to open your soul to others? Who can make a guarantee that you will find treasure and that you will not be stuck in the trap?

Here are the most often traps for naive people, and you are not the only one who will fail. 

1. salesman and his skills 

You bought something that is not necessary and you spent big money because salesman persuaded you in the value of his products? Look at your wardrobe, there are dresses you will never wear. Here is jewelry without values, fake pearls, and cheap necklace, but it looks good on first sight.

2. big chance for easy money

Many advertising about earning big money in easy ways fooled many people. Everyone will think “but I will be the one who will really earn.”

3. masters of tarot, black magic, love spells

This woman saw that you will get marry next year? You are still single but you gave her 100 euro? You are not first and not the last.

4. virtual marriage proposal

Your prince charming promised you to get married and then he disappeared after you lend him money? Call someone who has a similar experience.

5. big lottery won, roulette, slot machines

Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, expensive casinos over the world, and everyone dreams about the jackpot. You think you are the one who will win? But others think about this too.

6. meeting with an agent who promised you to make a star from you

You want to be famous and this man promised you this? Suddenly you are a victim of human trafficking, porn industry or you simply got fooled. You enter the twilight zone.

7. online shopping

Cruel stats and numbers are black evidence, how many people get fooled with online shopping. Empty pockets and wallets are a reality.

8. liberty movements, sects

You wish to escape from reality, and spiritual person promised you better world? Suddenly, you are without passport and money, but you are a member of the sect and they can do with you whatever they want.

9. politicians promises

You are a member of the political group and they promised you a good job when they win elections. Nothing for you, still? Keep searching.

10. pills for losing weight

You paid big money to lose your weight, but you are even more fat than before? At least, your wallet is thin.

Everyone who wants success in life must develop a sense of reality.

It doesn’t mean that you need to give up on dreams and hopes, but you need info. Numbers don’t lie. If 90% people slip in some area, will you enter into 10% who did not? Maybe your neighbor won the lottery, but it doesn’t mean that you are next. Your cousin got married a rich man after they know each other 2 months? She got lucky, but exceptions don’t make rules.

Big decisions are investments. First you need to study your situations, otherwise, you will buy a cat in the bag. There is no guarantee that you will protect yourself from bad surprises, but at least don’t jump on the first offer. Also, if you did a mistake, your knowledge will help you to get out faster from this. If you see a cat in the bag, throw this bag and run away.


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