How to recognize a drama queen?



Life will punish us with bad experiences in one way or another, but our reactions are not the same. Some of us will keep problems inside, suffer quietly and nobody will know about this. Others will yell and notify world about their “tragedies”, as it is event number one.
If your better half is the drama queen, you are the victim of emotional flood and every word you say can be understood in a wrong way.
“Why you look at me like that? My haircut is bad? Oh, I know I look fat in this trousers. But you should tell me this into a face. “
Clint was in relation with Sandra and he was walking on the ice all the time. Few times she embarrassed him in publicity because she could not hide her moods. She was the witch with the broomstick and her friend circle was very small.
Drama queen is usually the woman, but also some guys are very good at that.  It happens especially if there is the connection with their career and promotion. Gordon got the new job and his boss was harsh with his first few days. He complains to Union after few weeks, even he was new in that workplace. He left the very bad impression on others because it was something that people remember. This drama king could not stay quiet even when he changed job.
The Internet is the great place for drama queens. See what happens when someone is angry and wish to delete a page.
“I am sad. Someone pisses me off so badly. Sorry people I am going. Forever. Go to hell.”
After this, the same person opens the fake page or watch around for reactions. This kind of person wishes to die, but also she wants to be notified who will come to her funeral. Wow, so much people. What, nobody care? Bastards and idiots never cared for me.
Drama queen could be easy recognized in 5 characteristics.
An immature person who cries for everything. Bad mark at school, bad day, broken nail.
She likes to gossip because there is a seed of possible drama.
She is never quiet. If she doesn’t cry, she laughs loudly.
If she has the boyfriend, everyone knows about this in next 24 hours.
She is an author of haunt stories. She lives life with full lungs, but also she imagines things and exaggerates with details.
Drama queen never heard for balance. So if you wish to get rid of her, don’t show any reactions. This movie you don’t want to see, and she needs an audience.

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