When he thinks that you are undesirable chick

It is a big humiliation for a woman when guys take an advantage of her. Any woman doesn’t like to be used a piece of flesh. Imagine that you love someone so much, and all that you got is a trade of fluids. So if you are a man, and you ask a woman: “Do you want to have sex with me?”, think about who is she and what she means to you.
As much any woman despises to be a number in a big chain of sexual partners, there is something worse. If a woman feels that guy doesn’t desire her, she will be frustrated too.
So now guys are in confusion, what women really want?
This is a story about Helen. When she was young, all guys from her city were crazy for her. A blonde, blue-eyed and a tall woman was their Barbie girl and she changed many sexual partners. She was hungry for men and they were thrilled by this.
Later she got married and had two daughters. Years and life ruined her good look, she got diabetes and her body changed. Suddenly she was too skinny, too wrinkled and her blue eyes got dark shine, and bags were visible from the far. Her husband lost interest in her and she caught herself hungry for hot love.
She tried to find a lover, but it was not simple as she taught. Men were looking at her young daughters because Helen was over 50. The other men, who wanted her, were too old or not for her taste. Also, she was a married woman and nobody wanted problems. So one day Helen got the idea to make a profile on the internet. She posted her photos from youth, and a bunch of young guys followed her.
Helen had a success in cybersex and she changed many partners. But soon she got bored with everyone. It was not easy because guys wanted to see younger women. Helen fell into the trap.  She fell in love with a guy who was 15 years younger than she. Barry was the sweet guy from Scotland. He accepted her as a friend and he even had a fun time with her, because Helen still had this young spirit. But soon she became obsessive and Barry got mad. When she opened the camera, he was definitely disappointed. He saw an older woman in untidy clothes, too skinny and with bad teeth. She reminded him of his granny. So he said to her to leave his virtual life. She disturbed to his other friends too. Finally, he blocked her page and she learned a lesson on the harder way.
How horny woman feels when she can’t get a man in her bed?
She is nervous and jealous of her competition.
She will spread her negative energy at work. Not without reason, some women often make jokes about female bosses. They say: “For sure she did not shag too long.”
She will quickly try to find a partner, just to improve her attraction. 
She will make her standards lower. Now she will give chances to someone who was not her choice before.

Meaning of sex is different for women. 

We give part of us to a special man, we share our private secrets. Rejection is a kick for ego and for the heart. A woman will stand in front of the mirror and think what is wrong with her, especially if she is in certain ages. Suddenly, she will feel ugly. She will hate young girls who can choose anyone.

In this situation, every woman should have dignity. If you go out with a young cousin or younger friend, be ready that men will compete for her attention, not for yours. If you try to push yourself in the center or if you insult your friend, this is the wrong step.  As sports tournaments have competitors, you are now in the senior race. You can do your best and ask for your match.
A smart woman will never stay without her admirers. You know where is your place, that you will not catch Leonardo di Caprio, but it is not the end of the world, for sure it is not worthy to sacrifice your pride. There is no bigger fool than the old woman who is catching the young guy. As in the movie “Bel Ami”, where Robert Pattinson rejects Kristin Scott Thomas, with an explanation: “I was sick when I touched you. “, and she is crying for his young lover even she has married a long time ago.

The most desirable women are mysterious. 

They don’t offer body to everyone and at every opportunity. They smile, give hint and go to save their time. They will say a word with double meaning, and if a guy doesn’t understand, he is a moron. And, who wants to make love with a moron?


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