Can you recognize a control freak?



Surprises are part of life. We never know what expects us today or tomorrow, we can’t predict all possible situations and changes. This unpredictable life is beautiful because opportunities are everywhere. Surprises can be good or bad, but we can’t control them.

Rhonda had an awful habit to check everything around her. She would lock the door twice before she went out. She was also calling her husband anytime when he did not come home in expected time. The worst part of her personality she showed at the workplace. Her colleagues were terrified of her emails. Every mail had the option of confirmation, and if someone did not reply to her email, she was yelling why they did not do it. Her dream was a big umbrella, that would be a shelter for all people she knew, with a purpose that they act accord their wishes.

Once her son teenager went to a birthday party. She called him three times to check is everything all right. In the end, her son said to her: “You are really annoying. Why don’t you leave me alone? I will be drunk so much that you will call the doctor.” She really upset him.

Rhonda did not understand that she is a burden for people around her. She wanted to save the world, but it was an impossible mission. Her husband broke a leg and she did not have power under it. It was signed that her control freak behavior is not welcomed. That was kind of alert, she did not realize that is impossible to control events and people around her.

Control freaks are possessive and obsessive people. They want kind of power and their behavior is overprotective. If a person exposes mother’s instinct or jealousy in large amounts, control freak is on the way. Under that behavior is fear that something bad will happen, that things will run away from expected directions and what is the worst result, we can’t stop it. What if my son gets drunk? What if my husband will cheat me around, that new girl in the office is gorgeous? Soi will stalk him or call every hour, he will not have a chance to do it.


How other people react to control freaks? 
Nobody likes it. You can get insulted by anybody if you will try to put him in chains. This is like you want to create invisible handcuffs. Did you expect that your beloved person will give you report about his activities? You are wrong.

Don’t try to cut someone’s wings, don’t spy in private space and also if you do it, control is the worst way. 

You will get an opposite result. People will run away from you and they will hide things in front of you. You thought that someone will give you keys to their privacy? See what happened, your trespass in other privacy got an answer. Next time when you will try to open the secret door, you will find the double lock.


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