When will you put your hand on fire?



Charles Darwin said: “Only the strongest survive.” What happens with people who are not so strong, will they vanish? That kind of people deserves a good defense. A lion will defend lioness, in human blood is to protect children and others who can’t stand for their rights alone.

What would you do for your dearest friends, brothers, sisters, and for your sweetheart if someone tried to hurt them? I believe, as much you despise violence, you would do everything to protect them from evil.

When I was a little girl, I went with my younger sister in the park, a playground. There was a swing and she was swinging. She was 4 years old, and I was 8. Suddenly, an older boy came and start to push her, he wanted to swing too. I was afraid that she will fall and hurt herself, so I slapped him into the face with a fist. He pushed me, but I was so furious that I was punching him with all my strength so he started to cry with fear. I was a little monster, and my father came to separate us. That boy never approached me after this.

Now I am thinking on this way. I don’t afraid for myself because I am enough strong to resist to every threat. I afraid for people who are close to my heart. I believe that many people think on this way because it is much easier to take care of yourself than for others. That is responsibility. You know yourself, you will get up after fall, you will arise from the dust. How will it be with others? Look at the behavior of duck. She flies around to pull attention on herself, to protect little ducks in the case of an attack of wild animals. That is her instinct for survival, she will rather sacrifice herself for the sake of her little family.

The real face of friends and enemies is revealed when they are in danger. 

Mafia association is established on this basic rule: “once when you join us, there is no way back, just in the coffin. ” So they will hurt you and members of your family. If you drag your beloved people in your troubles, it will hurt you more than own death.

You will also guess thinking of kidnappers: “I want the money of this rich man and I will ask for big ransom, I will take away his daughter or son.”

Our beloved people are our Phil’s feet. Everyone has a price, and once you press the red button, that person is in your power.


If you are devoted person, this is your advantage because people can count on you. You are diamond treasure, so your friends are under your shelter. The bad side of this value is that someone can use your devotion for bad purposes, to take an advantage. Don’t be an action hero for someone who doesn’t deserve this, there is no sense to put a hand in the fire for an insignificant person. People who interfere in street fights are not always clever, they can get out with a broken nose, and others will not say even thanks.

After all, devotion is protected and authorized. Not everyone is able to reach this, but those who have it, are lucky. It is nice when you are connected with someone who will put a hand on fire for you.

Now, what do you think, who is worthy that you risk for him? Or, did you regret because you put a hand on fire for the wrong person?


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