Napoleon complex – when the authority turns off


Life gives us opportunities as cards. When we spent our amounts of cards, we can create more chances to stay in the game. The second choice is to give up on everything and abuse our power in the places where we can do it.

If you travel by bus or tram, sooner or later you will see controller tickets. That is usually older man or woman. They can be frustrated and angry on the rest of the world they will grab this chance to throw out their rage on passengers.

Once drunk controller entered the tram. There were a bunch of people who saw him and run away quick until the door was opened. The rest who stayed there were his victims.

He was red in the face and his breath had a smell as trash, but still, he asked for a ticket woman who was sitting near him.

 I don’t have a ticket. I was in rush so I did not buy.

What kind of behavior is this? You are traveling without a ticket. What is this?

Men were yelling and his face became redder. The woman refused to give him personal ID. He has no authority to watch on her personal documents, accord Law of order it can do the only policeman.  All right, this is not good to travel without a ticket, because tram is not free unless you have special benefits. But, what kind of authority is the drunk man who is yelling around like a lion in zoo garden? What example and role model is he?

Look at this background. Some people are lazy during school time. They don’t want to learn, to progress when they have time and opportunity. Later they will not have a big choice for employment and they will work from time to time. Controller job is good to fill your time when you are retired. If you are a decent person, you can make an agreement with people who will not pay the ticket and try to convince them what is good for them. If you have Napoleon complex like this drunk man, you will grab your power to be someone at least. All that you missed in your life now is in front of you, at the stage. You can be aggressive, violent, fearless, and some naive people will maybe afraid of you. So pity you don’t have a gun, like from a western movie.

Napoleon jumps out in various areas. We can see a secretary who wanted to be a lawyer but she could not pass even one exam. She will yell at new employers as she is their boss. Also, we can see a policeman on his duty who will give lessons to young girls who were walking on the street after midnight and talk loud. This is his opportunity to teach them what is right and accord rules. This policeman never got a real crime case and he can’t progress as a corporal or a captain, but he will give lessons to young girls about behavior. Also if you late with paying bills, you will get alert and clerk will later ring your doorbell. He will take your television to sell at public auction. This clerk is maybe the last pawn in his family, maybe his wife disrespect him or his children make a donkey from him, but if he comes to your door, watch out. He got a power, and he can be very cruel. Now you will pay, not because you are not paying bills on time. You will pay because life was so cruel to him.

We can feel something personal in act of some people.

They want to punish you not because you broke law or you late with your duties. They see a big chance for personal revenge and they don’t care because this is the wrong way. They abuse their position to prove their strength. If you have bad luck, this Napoleon can be your boss. You can be the best person in this world, but still, he doesn’t give a shit about you, because you are here to pay your karma lessons.


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