When she is the master of bedroom



Some men still believe that this is man’s world. How does it look like? Women should not work, her place is in the kitchen, she must be virgin or have one partner for a lifetime. This woman is a lady, with a pure soul and worthy to be a wife.


It is hard to handle that woman can earn money, but it is harder to handle that woman can use man only for sex and change partners.  This is against nature, as hens are slaves of cock, he can’t be their slave.

Yes, women move the limits. Famous model Carla Bruni confessed that she was promiscuous and that she doesn’t believe in monogamy. She is a leader, the alpha woman and she needs a man who will understand her and support no matter what she was.

Do you want to move limits too, to be Supergirl in this men world?

Be careful, you can stand on the bomb.

What will happen if an ordinary woman says that she used a man for a one-night stand?

she can be subject to big gossip

– man can blackmail her with video or naked photos if she shared this with him

– other women will judge her too, she is not “lady”

– she will be considered assault

– she can lose a job and good reputation

Standards for women and men are not the same. Men will be popular after he had sex with many women after he broke hearts around. A woman will be a dangerous seductress and even men can consider her as potential lesbian, as kind of woman who indeed hates men.

Women also want to enjoy in life in different ways. Sometimes, we will do mistakes, as choose the wrong guy for comfort, to forget another guy who hurt us. In this situation we can find “personal bitch”, even this is against ethic and this is indeed cruel. If a woman is honest about what she wants, man must respect this. It can’t be shocked. The real guy can handle this if he is strong enough.
I think this is a test for real man. If a man can accept that woman want only sex, if they made a deal, he should respect this without sharing their dirty secrets with others. This is between them, not for publicity. Only spoiled brat and egomaniac will cry and try to take revenge after a woman used him.

A mature man will act like nothing happened, after this, they can even drink a coffee together because they had enjoyment and pleasure. Even this was short and sweet, but this should be a good memory.The man who can’t handle one-night stand will also have problems with relations. Rejections are part of life too, and if you accept early that you can’t get all that you want, you will be happier.

This woman was your gift, she was your dominatrix in high heels, and you cannot be her brat, you are her equal partner. She maybe stole your soul, but you got a life lesson.


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