Too much love can kill you


Shakespeare has written Othello, a story about jealousy where poor Desdemona was strangled. Iago, the friend of Othello, made intrigue to convince Othello that Desdemona is cheating him. Othello did not think, he just chooses to punish her even she was innocent, so he killed her with own hands.

Jealousy is very hard feeling, consequences are that we speak before we think, we act before we speak.

What happened in Croatia, in a small city named Vojnić, is terrible tragedy caused by jealousy.

Shortly, girl Victoria was with 3 guys in relations, one by one. Dejan, Alvin, and Boško liked/loved the same fatal girl. One night Victoria came in front of nightclub “Heart “with present boyfriend Boško. He stabbed Alvin and Dejan, he cut Alvin throat and stabbed Dejan in the heart with a knife. Also, the wounded bodyguard in the nightclub, and then bodyguard caught him. Two young guys are dead as results of this action. Boško can get the biggest punishment, in Croatia is the biggest punishment for murder on the cruel way, 40 years in prison. Forums and social networks talk about Victoria, some people blamed her because they think she was playing with guys, but there is no purpose, two young guys are dead.

The main fact is, they all were so young. Victoria has 18 ages, guys were in the twenties. This wonderful time of youth is ruined now.

Sources say that Boško was treating in social networks in his statuses, that this murder was planned indeed.

What can jealousy do to people? A jealous person wants someone for himself, he doesn’t want to share, he wishes to owe the person. An extreme form of jealousy is possession.  This is a situation when you want to make a prison for your partner that nobody sees him, control him in every moment and cut every form of freedom. If a person did not make an obligation to you, if she is in dilemma, is that normal way, to kill someone? After all, if you destroy one life, it can’t belong to anyone more, even to you.

True love depends on freedom of choice, maturity, and ability to make a decision. Mature lovers will accept breakup and word NO. Immature couples will get revenge which might finish as a tragedy.

Young people are collecting experience, they don’t want obligations, they need freedom, passion, and it is nice to be young and furious for them.

As James Dean said, “live fast die young”.  After it happens it is late to correct mistakes, even it happened in the name of love.



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