Who is your friend with benefits?



You are hungry for passion and you are not in relation? The relation is indeed obligation and it takes a lot of attempts to find the right partner. Sometimes we can be so busy that we have no time to focus on the special person in our life, to reply on every SMS and every phone call, to support that person in the case of troubles or problems.

If we are not ready for relation, we must be honest. Here is an option if you don’t want to be alone but also if you don’t want to be bonded with someone. This solution is friend with benefit.

Samantha was an excellent student, she was running for future career and education was her dream. She wanted to become a successful lawyer. All her relations broke because she was so busy with exams, seminars and also she was working in the library during her free time. Her partners felt that they are unnecessary things and all gone from her life. This stressful life makes her frustrated because she needed sex. She didn’t want to be promiscuous because of her reputation. So she had a deal with her best friend Frank. From time to time, they had dates with sex. Frank was single, also not ready for obligations and he liked Samantha so they had casual sex once a week. But then Frank found girlfriend and Samantha became jealous. He was cheating his regular girlfriend with Samantha and that relation broke. Frank and Samantha involved feelings and they became a real couple. This story had a happy ending.


Melissa had no such luck. Her friend Ronald used her for sex, but she hoped it will be different. She realized after one year that it will never change because Melissa was an only sexual toy for Ronald. He was nice with other girls, but he did not know when Melissa has a birthday, what are her’s sister name and so many things important to respect the person. She took him benefits and broke that connection, with tears.

What is important if you decide to have a friend with benefit?

check out is that person single

– accept that is deal only for sex

– don’t be jealous of his or her private life, your meetings are just for sex

– you can get out from that “relation” anytime, without explanation

– don’t judge or blame your friend for the benefit, it was deal from the start

If you are not a stable person, if you live in dreams or it is easy to deceive you, this kind of relationship is not for you. This is game of nerves and your feelings must shut down. Even if that “relation” become something serious, it will not be with force or because you beg for real love. It will be spontaneous.


Think about that person, how much benefits he or she deserves because you are master of your body. Also be sure that person knows to keep a secret because some people are corny and traditional. Maybe your future partner could not accept that you had a friend with benefit. Let it be your sweet secret.


5 thoughts on “Who is your friend with benefits?

  1. So happy that you brought out this topic in front of everyone. People often consider this as something immoral. Thers nothing immoral about it. Its just two people satisfying their needs without getting into a emotional contact with each other. As simple as that. ✌👍

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