Why you must open your heart?



Open your heart and you will know all answers. How many people are able to open their hearts? It is easy to extroverts.

Popular drama queen is again sad. Soon everybody will know that Sasha broke up with his boyfriend. She is listening to loud music, crying at school and all her friends are invited to a memorial party. Her parents are desperate. They have big internet bill because of her tragedy, she is 24 hours at a computer and on a cell phone. Yes, her boyfriend Thomas left her.

Sasha is an extrovert. Her feelings are a reality show. If she hates someone, that person will know this very well. When she loves, also everybody knows. She is noisy, sometimes pathetic and dangerous for her environment. She has a need to share her secrets even with total strangers. Once she met a woman at a bus station and exposed her relation with ex-boyfriend Alex in all details. A woman just replied with yes or no and with rolling eyes. Balanced emotions are a treasure. Why should everybody know what we passed in life? My neighbors had many conflicts. I could listen to husband and wife at next door every morning. They exchanged so many filthy words. On the street, they were a different couple. She was so sweet and kind to him, and he was careful with her. Someone would be said, ideal couple.


Extroverts and introverts are two extreme sides. An introvert is a person who digs emotion in kind of grave. Nobody will know what they feel. I knew a guy who said:” I never loved someone, I have a very little dose of feelings indeed.” That is not possible, he was just hurt and he built a wall that nobody can’t cross over it. You might have a bulletproof mask, but it will not protect you forever. If you feel something for someone, say it or show it in a decent way. Don’t push, force or cry. Just try, take your chance.

It is very important to read between lines. Some people are hurt, inexperienced and immature when it comes the time to show love. Guys will poke girls, they can say even filthy words to get their attention. They will say I hate you, even they think I love you. Some men don’t like the way how they lose control over themselves. When you admit that you are in love, another side has power. They afraid of rejection and laugh. Nobody died from denials and rejections, so why not take a risk? The worst kind of emotions is unexpressed. Imagine that you miss a chance, that you see a happily married girl, and you did not say her that you love her? So she found another guy. Also, you can reject the great man and change your mind, because you were not clean with your feelings.

Words I love you are the keys. You can have right or wrong keys, but it is worth that you try to open the door. Start knocking and you will see what will happen.


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