He is younger than me and I am a mature woman

If you are one of the women who like younger men, you like challenges. People might stigmatize you as seductress or cougar because you are going against the wind of society. Recently I watched a Facebook profile of Croatian model Vlaho Arbulić, who put photos with his girlfriend Tatjana Dragovic. She was married to famous tennis player Goran Ivanišević, and now she is in relation with handsome model Vlaho, who is much younger than she. One woman wrote a nasty note under photo: “Young guy and old granny, it doesn’t fit together.”

I wonder, if this was opposite if the man had 50, and woman had 30, would people comment in the same way? Probably, women would say that he is a mature man, financially independent and still able to have a family, and she is a woman who fits accord standards. Once, I heard so-called advice from an older man, who said to me: “man must be at least 10 years older than a woman, because men grow up slow. ” I am one of the women who like younger men, and all my ex-boyfriends were younger, as my husband is also younger than me. Soi heard a lot of comments, even one diagnostic sentence as “something is not alright with your personality”. Everything this made me smile, because love picks randomly, and when personalities fit together, there is no moral majority which might stop this.

If you are a woman who likes younger men, your obstacles will be next:

His mother might not like you. 

His friends could make nasty comments, as “are you teaching him sex?”

Your female friends could be envious or mock you if their attitude is traditional.

Younger competition is dangerous, so watch out younger girls who try to catch your man. They will be cruel and say ” you are too old for him, are you his mother maybe?”

You can back off if you are insecure, or you can use your advantages. 

You have experience and it makes you interesting for a young guy. He will be proud cause he caught a woman who still looks sexy. She is not obsessed with her look as some young girls and she can wear it with style.

You know how to pick clothes and makeup. You will not do teenage mistakes in choice of too short skirts, copy others because that is trendy, or put lipstick which reminds on the clown who came into your city.

You have diplomatic skills. You know how to talk with his mother, as a woman with woman. Young girls often don’t know how to respect boyfriend’s mother. You can’t tell him that his mother is a witch.

You are financially independent. It means, he will not have problems to travel with you in another country because you can share travel expenses. If you were 18, you would expect that man must pay you all. Be honest, men are not so fascinated to spend their money on a girl who can’t give anything for return.

You have a job and there is no need to call him every moment or to check him. 

In this situation, women will face it at the moment when they wish to marry. What if he is not ready because he thinks he is too young? Shall you wait for him?

Until you wait for a decision about the marriage, think about next:

Don’t pressure him, it will make you desperate.

Say what you expect from him.

Don’t blackmail him, that you will find someone else. Instead of this, say that is all up to him and that you will respect his decision.

Let’s enter into the mind of young man. He wishes to experience, his life is spinning in front of his eyes when he realizes that he must settle down. That is a double cross. He must take time, and think, what is more, important for him? A bunch of young women who wait to take them to bed, or one special woman, in which he falls in love? Once when he misses that special woman, he could replace her with many others, but maybe he would regret. That is similar to shopping, you see that expensive purse and you wish to see others, but meanwhile, someone bought your expensive purse and you can’t find it anymore.

The important is, a young man must enter into the marriage with a clean head and firm attitude. Don’t let others tell you what to do. For example, Max had many comments about Lana, older girlfriend of his friend Kyle. He said: “You will marry her, could not you find younger?” When Max found a girlfriend, she was younger but uneducated and not so pretty. Kyle was too decent to comment but grateful to see his wife, who had a successful career and sexy appearance.

When people see something different, they make bad comments cause of jealousy. A grey person is never interesting to talk about, but all will notice something unusual. If you look behind lines, you can almost read: “Oh why her, but not me? She is my ages, and her husband is younger, and mine is older and fat. Lucky bitch.


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