How the judgment rape a victim for the second time?

Topic about raping is always sensitive area. Partly, people will judge abuser, but the victim will not stay untouched too. Some will wonder, did victim provoke the attack? What she wore? Why was she drinking? How she behaved? Some will wonder about manipulation, and others will pity naive person.

This is one example how things went wrong. Place of event: city Zadar. Persons: five guys, one girl. All are young and they still going to high school.  The young girl was raped on the beach, since late evening until early morning. She was drunk and her memory was empty.  Her body was wounded and her mother reported this event another day.

The victim said she did not know all that guys, they just met at a party, while she was drunk and vomit, so they offered taxi to drive her home. Instead of the safe way home, she was raped.

Not all is so simple. When a woman is raped, she will fight, bite, the scratch man who forces her for sex. That girl did not remember at all. Young guys used the opportunity when she was totally drunk to use her. New Criminal law in Croatia considers this criminal act as sex without acceptance. That means, if victim changes her mind during sex, that is denial. Punishment for this criminal act is easier than for rape. Also, young guys were not convicted before, this is their first criminal act.

What happens if a woman is not able to say no? 

For sure, it doesn’t mean acceptance. No matter, if a woman is drunk, numb or retarded, if she is not able to say yes if she is under pills or drugs, this is a force. Young guys understood this as part of wild, sick game and they used the opportunity. They were competition, who will do “work” in a better way. Like in movie with Jodie Foster “The accused”. That girl was alone, unprotected, she wanted to have fun and she got horror story.

Now, she is exposed to be victim one more time. Court trials are painful, every law rule has a hole, and no matter what will happen with this guys, she will be damaged to the rest of her life. It was bad fate or she was not careful?  Maybe her parents did not take care enough? Consequences are here, no matter what caused that event.

Law is here to protect us, the police are here to make law rules real, parents are here to educate us, but we must think about our acts at first.

The point of this story is, nobody can take care of you enough if you don’t take care of yourself. You know your environment and places which are notorious in some way, you know that is not safe to walk alone in the middle of the night.

Nobody said that you are completely safe if you have a boyfriend or if you don’t go out tonight, but by logic, chances to be in danger are smaller if you are not alone. It is like in the jungle, the lion will stalk five when she walks alone in free space. After that lion will tear weak animal on pieces.

That is what that guy did, they drag this girl alone in the car. The rest was history. Consequences will stay even it supposed to be just one night for a party.


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