Who spread rumors after breakups?


Every gossip was once just small story. With time it was growing into big news. People will always have fun with updated stories about the same event, especially if this is something what someone likes to hear.

When Laura split with Peter, his version of story was:

” She was obssesed with me. Also very jealous on everybody in my presence. She believed that she is the best and more worthy than everyone else. It was nightmare for me, because that woman loved herself so much that i felt she is cheating me with herself. I was just small spot in her life.”

Laura said different story.

” He was playboy and cheater. He did not had standards at all. Even cleaner lady in his office could have sex with him, because he is not picky. And he is crying man without guts, so in this relation i was the one who wear trousers. I want real man, not toy boy.”

Their common friends had much fun with this story. But as defected phone, when such story is spreading around, people will hear many updates. So, next Peter’s girlfriend, Hellen, heard this story:

I think Peter is bisexual, because once she caught him how to use her parfume. Imagine this. And Laura has problem with nerves, she is control freak and i heard once he slaped him so heard that he had black eye.”


When two people split, dirty laundry will appear everywhere. Today on social networks, you can be kind of buzz, which is very unpleasant. Something was saint once, and the same is tool for laugh today. Big Brother is watching everywhere, and without censure.

If you respected and loved your ex, go forward and forget. Or you wish to taste celebrity life, at least for one day?


2 thoughts on “Who spread rumors after breakups?

  1. Although I believe one’s perception is their reality, I also think that it behooves people to maintain some discretion when it comes to breakups…

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