Are you aware how people feel insults?


The power of the spoken word is endless. If you use hard words, someone will be hurt. Yes, every insult can cut your life and you will heal wounds for days. Especially if that insult comes from a person who is important to you.

Sometimes we are full of anger and rage. This anger flame is spreading like a virus, and we will say something ugly, maybe we did not think so, but at the moment when ugly word finds the way out, the damage is done.


Patrick said something that he should not say. He had a wonderful friend, he started to feel something for her, and the responded to his feelings, but then they had conflict and Patrick acted like a spoiled kid. He offended Jenny with his behavior. “You are silly, I laugh at you. You are jealous of other women.” Jenny just passed his info about his girlfriend, she found a duty to forward him what she knew, that his girlfriend is cheating him. Patrick broke up with his girlfriend but he got mad at Jenny. He even blamed her because she was the messenger. Now is a time of silence because Jenny doesn’t want to talk with him.


Insults are tools against vanity. We could have strong nerves, but everyone has a limit.


What kind of insults hurts the most?

bad words about the physical look (you are fat, your legs are short, you have a big nose)

– insults toward family (your mother is drunk, and your father is insane)

– insults about your financial situation (you are poor and loser)

– insults toward your partner ( your husband is an idiot, your wife is a slut)

It is easy to solve insults with a fist. Black eye, blood from nose and here we are, that moron will learn on the hard way. Also, you can ask for an apology. Even press will notify readers about the public apology if they were published wrong details and info about famous people. Law of order and Criminal Law also have this options, public apology to damaged side.

If you can say I  am sorry,  I will not do it again, I regret, you will admit your mistakes. 
This is halfway to correct your errors. When you are making an apology, you will do against your ego. That means, you are not the smartest and you did mistakes. Some people will never make apologies just because of ego. Why would someone admit anything he did wrong and show up a weakness? It is better to stay bulletproof, even the price is high, that you can lose someone who was close and important to you.

It is not enough only to say – I am sorry. Oops, I did it again. My wife has a black eye, I  hit her, so  I apologize from my heart.


When you apologized, what is next?

You will be careful not to hurt that person again.

You can buy flowers, make a compliment, take this person to dinner. Show your devotion to acts.

If that person will not forgive you, don’t be resistant. Wait for your chance.

Don’t force and cry. You did what you wanted to do. If a person doesn’t have mercy for you, tears will not help you. Take it as a lesson for next time.

Well, the mannered person will use words I am sorry, thanks, I regret. 
This is what your mother and father should teach you in childhood. This is not connected with ego or pride. Simply, when you are wrong, admit this. In the business world, you will write a nice email with regards and with respect, and your business partner will accept this as part of your job. It makes you professional and people will have a good impression of you. You should not be ashamed for fixing your wrong acts on this way.

An apology is a joker in your pocket. When all cards fail, an apology is here as a bonus. You can back into the game if you apologize.


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