Why don’t I like Monday?


In the year 1979, at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, Brenda Ann Spencer was shooting and killed two people. Eight were injured in this terrible event, and when police ask her why she did it, she replied:”I don’t like Mondays. ” She was only 16 and she surrendered immediately, without resistance. She inspired Bob Geldof to write the song “Why i don’t like Monday”, and Boomtown Rats made music, so it was a favorite song on top lists, a reminder of this terrible crime.

Monday phenomenon is not an exception because many of us will say “i hate Monday.” No matter if you get up early for school, or you are traveling on the road to your job, you will notice traffic jam or crowd and it will upset you, especially because you realized that weekend is over. Our body and mind are in shock because after relaxing we must back to reality and daily obligations. You will not shoot anybody, but you will be furious, nervous and frustrated.

It is not recommended that you have an exam or business meeting on Monday morning. Your mind is still sleepy and even bunch of coffee cups will not help you. Remember how many times you did not sleep well on Sunday because tomorrow is damn Monday and your duties are waiting for you.

Accord this statistic, mostly car accidents, 1072 happen between Sunday and Monday, at midnight and 3 a.m.

Results from researching in Hong Kong, from 1989-2001 show that Monday is suicide day. 22% of suicides were committed on Monday. They made a conclusion, suicides happen because of family arguments, which started at weekend and continued on Monday.

Why is Monday such notorious day?

You realize that your problems start again, even you may forget it on weekends.

If you delayed something, Monday will remind you on deadline.

If you started a diet and broke your rules at weekend, you must start again from Monday.

You are unsleepy after party nights with a lot of alcohol.

Your vacation is over and you must back to work.


Monday is indeed cut from fantasies and return to reality. This day is used as an alert. Brenda Ann Spencer made terrible action to pull attention on herself.

Did she choose Monday randomly or on purpose? We can guess.


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