Why we don’t listen advices when we fall in love?



Until we swim in the sea of passion, our view is not objective. Any advice will escape from our ears and critics of others will be undesirable. If someone said something bad about your guy, you will think that is act of envious person. If you are woman who gives your heart in complete on first sight, you are in dangerous road. Don’t surrender to your emotions too soon.

Love is connection of two people, but it doesn’t mean that you should be unavailable for world outside. If you fall in love in person who is not for you, others will tell you some info, in good intention. No matter is that your sister, best friend or mother, you should listen before conclusion.

So, Adele had much problems with her daughter Rose. Her boyfriend Max called her once on week, in the middle of the night and later she was crying, because she heard that she is not the only one.She could not leave him, until she found out that he had sex with other girl right before he drove her home. Then Rose decided for rebellion . She said to Max that he is idiot, and Max slapped her. Then she remembered words of her mother: “If he loves you, why he doesn’t call you every day? Why he pick you up in the middle of the night, as prostitute?” Adele hated her mother so much, but soon she realized, her mother was right. She falls in love in idiot and she got hard lesson.


Why we don’t listen other advices when we have chance to avoid troubles?

We wish to taste adventures. So, if you never try, you will never know.

We feel stupid. Who is he or she to told us what to do? We know the best.

Advice sounds as preaching. Preachers and teachers are boring. It reminds on punishment in childhood.

We don’t want to miss something. If we listen good advice, we will avoid troubles, but maybe this person was wrong.

We believe that we are exception of rules. Every woman likes to say “He cheats women, but not me. He loves me.”

When love is in the air, brain is on the way. How you could believe that this cute guy is dangerous, hooligan, idiot or even criminal? He was so nice and kind. Your friend can tell you info about his past, but you will not listen because he changed, he is different, he cut off previous life. Until he does something awful to you.

This beloved traitor put thorn in your heart. Now you need to take medicine against that, even you could avoid bleeding.


One thought on “Why we don’t listen advices when we fall in love?

  1. So true….. in the constant flow pf emotions, we generally forget to be logical enough….. While in love, the reality becomes so beautiful that we forget that this dream will soon vanish…..

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