What to expect from the virtual relations?

The biggest paradox of modern time is sharing our feelings with mechanic tools without emotions and expectation of love for return. The computer is our messenger, the internet is our voice. Many people will fall in love with virtual space, where love makes various choices.
When you date with a person who is available to you, in reality, rules are different than in social networks.
As a real couple, you will pass through usual problems, but conversation eye to eye will make things easier. This possibility is limited in virtual space because you can’t touch person, sometimes even not hear or see, and your partner is a ghost.
As much how the internet makes strangers from people, in another hand, it connects us with strangers. So in this situation, we are now strangers to our friends and family, and we connect with unknown people as friends, even lovers. This is a double cross, because once when you give trust and confidence to the person in virtual space, she will expect something from you.
Unhappy lovers on the internet often ask, why virtual relations fail.
Especially, if lovebirds are from another country, and why they must come through pain.
Why is virtual relation hard for partners?
If you live in other cities, even countries, money will be a big obstacle.
You need to prepare full wallet for all expenses, with the purpose of traveling and visiting your love.
You never know are you the only one.
The virtual network offers many possibilities, and if your John or Jack gives you heart, don’t be so sure that you are the only soulmate for him.
Jealousy makes new meaning.
You will think about likes or comments from other women. Is she only his friend or more?
You can’t check facts. You don’t know is that real name, ages,  nationality or real profession of your partner.
Recently, I read about story, young woman trade messages with a man who had 63 years and grandchildren. She did not know this for 12 years.
You can’t expect from person to close all options because you are far away.
If you think that guy who sends you sweet messages will sit at home for the weekend, you are wrong. He is maybe in hunting zone, in his real life.
Promises and realizations.
If you did not meet for real, you are not obligated to be faithful.
Some unhappy lovers will go so far, until revenge. Imagine that your virtual relations failed, you are tired from messages, web camera and what’s up, you wish to dance and kiss with a man who is near you, and your lover is not available. Suddenly, your virtual lover can’t accept this and he decides to give you a lesson.
What to expect from a discarded virtual lover?
If you wrote kinky messages to him, he can share with his friends.
He can share photos and videos around. 
He can block you because his heart is broken. 
He can gossip you to make your reputation bad. 
He can disturb your friends and family, asking for justice.
Virtual lovers often forgot real basic. They lost in their dreams and fantasies, but real plans are the first thing which they should make. You should know with whom you are dealing. Foreigner, from another country, is a person with another habits, culture, and tradition. Your values and his values could be very opposite.
Romina, as young Romanian girl met a guy from Turkey, for a chat. They talked 9 months and then she decided to visit him. It was successful meeting, they liked each other and she stayed there and marry him. It was nice marriage, but she continued to chat with other men on the internet. She is still married, but her marriage rocks, because she can’t stop flirting around. She claims that her husband is a too conservative man and she did not know this until she met him for real.
Sometimes, friend option will be the best. If someone falls in love with you on the internet, and he knows your status, he knows that he is not for you, it is not a bad solution to stay friends. Friendship shows respect and loyalty. This person appreciates you even you can’t be in love with him. It is cool to make friends from another country and spread your views.
The funniest thing about virtual space is a statement from unknown people when you don’t want to talk with them or to accept them as friends. “You hurt me, why you don’t add me?” How could someone feel pain from the person he never met? Pains enter from expectations, not from people. If you think that some strangers from internet space will be free for you every moment, you live in world of fairy tale.
Why are virtual stories ballads? There are a lot of lies, many versions, and masks. That is why virtual couples must talk face to face as fast as that is possible. You can’t live on the internet, to buy a virtual flat and make virtual children, to marry and expect every night when your lover will be online.
The virtual store is a great refreshment, cocktail. After the ice is melted, that is just warm water, with not so good taste.

5 thoughts on “What to expect from the virtual relations?

  1. Yes, virtual relations are not successful most of the times. The conversation from eye to eye is more intense and valuable than those through internet…. Very nice points made here… Liked it a lot…

    Liked by 1 person

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