Do you ignore your partner to prove who is the boss?


I used to say a long time ago that ignorance is a deadly weapon against your rivals, and sword in the heart of your beloved ones. If you want to hurt a person, ignore her. If you want to get revenge, use ignorance.

Now imagine a situation when you are in relation and you have certain expectations from your partner. You wish to share daily problems with him. You wish to smile to stupid jokes and to get opinions about something you did or said. Your partner should have skills of listening, because the person who can’t listen is deaf with purpose, and such partner is ignorant one.


How ignorance works out in relations?

You send him a long text, he replies with a disclaimer or short sentence.

You talk about your day, he just says ok and yes.

You call him and your speech is long, and he is just numb on other side or says something as “we will see. “

You realize that he did not listen to you carefully because he asked a question which is already answered.

You talk with your partner, and he stares at other people at the street.

Can you tell me about your reactions, what you do when you feel ignored? I passed through this so many times. I was smashing plates, yelling and insulting my partner because ignorance is his strategy when he is angry on me or he can’t forget some my sins from past.

Ignorance is a cold sword. It says a lot of things with silence. Here is the message:”You are not worthy of my time and efforts. You are irrelevant. I want my peace and you are destroying it so here is the wall for you. “

As I wrote in one of my articles, ignorance is useful when you wish to get rid of someone or to get revenge, paycheck. In this case, when you share life with a person who uses ignorance as a backup, it is not funny anymore.

We are not all the same, so sensitive characters will rarely use ignorance. When you are emotional, hot-tempered, you will not use a cold sword. You will make fire and use guns, all will burst loud. If you are rational, cold-blooded, pragmatic, you will use ignorance.

Ignorance is ice which should be melted in gentle ways. I used to smile, talk sweet or use my patience, but I have no always nerves for this. Hard day at work, annoying people in traffic and partner who ignores you at home, isn’t that too much?

Ignorance is one of the reasons for infidelity. Ignored women are a very easy to target for playboys. How much times I hear this story, he did not pay attention to me, so I found someone who did this.

When you are alone, when you feel your partner doesn’t care do you cry or you will jump from the window (because he knows you will not ), the seed of hate is spreading as poison through your body. You wish to slap this person, who turns you back? You wish to yell that all people know with whom you are living.

One day one man smiled at me and bought me drink in the club, in front of my partner. He was gorgeous and very kind. He kissed me and next what I saw was my partner who pushed him to the floor. Guards separated them, but I did not feel embarrassed.

Never ignore the one who loves you, because while you use your stubborn attitude to prove your principles, someone else will hug and kiss your partner to show you what you took for granted.


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