Did you want to get rid of bad partner?


A bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Can you base your relation on this proverb? If you can, your keyword is safe zone. Now here is another extremity. What would you say that someone gives you partner as gift? You think that is impossible. Well, this gift is Trojan horse, but you are not aware of this yet.

When you fall in love, you are able to do anything for person who captured your heart. Some actions will be insane , because steps in love are made by blind and deaf person. You don’t care what others say because in front of you is just one aim – person you love. In this searching, you will refuse to see humility, dishonor and mocking by third parts. This is price you pay, and nothing is expensive for your soulmate. Or you think so.


How is possible that your  partner is gift with suspicious content?

You are second choice. Or third or fourth.

Guy came in night club and ask for a girlfriend. After 3  girls rejected his offer for drink, you might be forth, and he will pay attention on you because your friends rejected him.

His ex abandoned him, and he desperately seeks for replacement.

Fresh breakup is cruel thing. Time to recover his ego, and the best option is another girlfriend.

His mother recommended him to date with you, and he is not in situation to say no.


Maybe your parents are best friends, business partners of your possible soulmate or they just like to pick instead of you.

His ex wants to get rid of him but her all attempts fails.


Sometimes, guys don’t want to listen word no. They run for their ex, as “it is not over until i finish this. ” So, maybe his ex wants to forward him to other women.

Think about your ex relations. Would you do favor for your ex, who is still in love with you, just to bury feeling of guilt, would you help him to find someone else? That is not easy task. Sometimes, he can compare new person to you, and this woman could be in situation “if she wants him back, i will be kicked out as shit. ” Some girls are selfish. They break up with guys , but still they wants to be part of their lives. So, they will call them even they don’t want to date with them again. They will ask for help even they can ask someone else. Simply, they don’t want to break the last connection between them and ex boyfriend.

Travis was in turbulent relation with Rose. They were split few times, and meanwhile he was with another girls. Every time when Travis started something new, Rose involved to ruin him this. Travis was Trojan horse. They could not be together, but also separation was hard for them. New girl came on scene in this story. Helen was in love in Travis and they were two months together. Rose decided to let him go, they had mutual deal not to talk and not to meet again. On New year’s Eve Travis broke that deal. He was in the same night club as Rose, but with Helen. In midnight, Travis wanted to wish happy New year for Rose. Helen was following him and stand next to Rose, to talk with her. Rose was furious. She was angry more on Travis, who broke the deal. She said some bad things to Helen, it was not pleasant night. Few days later Helen broke relation with Travis. She did not wanted to stay with guy who did not cut his past.

There is statement about men, who will harder fall out from love than women. Some women are fatal for them.

Is that broken heart or broken ego, or just wish to prove that they can have that girl, but they don’t want? Proud girls, wild girls and girls with strong attitude are always the most greatest trophies. Sometimes guy will feel humiliation when such girl say that is over.

If you think that some guy falls too soon for you, if he wants to marry you after few months, if he is down on his knees and full of sweet words, think about is he maybe Trojan horse. Maybe in his background is woman who broke his heart, and you are just replacement behind curtains.


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