How Murphy’s law surprises us?

2016 - 1

When something is bad, don’t worry. It might be worse. Everybody has one of that day when everything is going wrong.


You get up and spill hot coffee on your white dress and then you must clean the mess and get late at work. There you will meet the grumpy boss and hysterical clients. When you finally can go to lunch pause, food in the business restaurant will be disgusting and someone will sit near you to talk about work during you chew this bitter meal.

You will think that someone hit you with a spell or made a voodoo doll, but this is just bunch of negative circumstances. This is an opposite of what you wish because you sent wrong energy to the universe, and universe replies you back with bad events.

Can we block our good luck? Yes, we can do it unintentionally.

Sheila wanted that guy Tony so much, and he was not cold toward her, but she had one unwanted admirer at her workplace. Brian was her roommate and it was hard to work with him, he gave her compliments about her looks, he was staring at her so she was blushing every time when he entered the office. Soon, she became very nervous.
She had a date with Tony but she came to cafe bar under stress. Tony noticed that Sheila is grumpy.

– What is today with you sweetie?

– It is Brian again, I can’t work like this, he is a jerk, moron and everything the worst. He commented my perfume, that it smells so seductive.

– Don’t pay attention dear, he will stop.

Sheila was too angry, and the main subject of that date was Brian. She could not focus on Tony even she wanted to be with him so much, so Tony left this date because it was annoying for him. Sheila blamed bad luck, but she did not open the gate to happiness. She was focused on problems all the time and it was no place for a smile and good news.

When you practice Murphy’s law, you will open the way to bad things in your life. It is hard to ignore problems, but if you think about something good, bad things will be more in the background. Don’t make things worse, if it can’t be good at the moment.


Murphy’s law is a label for unhappy people, pessimists, and losers.

Try to get rid of this bad mark with a smile. No, you are not under spell, that is a just bad day which will pass soon. You are not the only one, and probably everyone you met had the same experience. You attract what you feel, and if you feel angry, probably you will spill juice or jerk will send you to hell without reason.

Don’t let your belief to defines you. Despair and fear are not winner’s points when you try to make a success. If you can’t in another way, pretend that everything is all right. Fake it until you make it.


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