Mind your own business


Privacy is our secret box. We decide shall we share it with others or not. Also, when we open view to this box to someone, this is the way how we give that person key in hands. This is trust, and it can be used and abused.

If you expect that everybody will be grateful to you for giving them trust, you are wrong. Snake is a snake, and if you don’t know a well human character, you will be surprised why particular person hurts you. Because, if you trust to snake, he or she will spit poison when you less expect.

Very important thing is separate private kinds of stuff from your work. People at work are our cooperators and they should not know about our privacy, not all details.

Here is the example. A woman who speaks on the phone during work time, about her daughter who needs to go to gynecologist and she is still a virgin. Oh, how she will handle man doctor, she is so shy? Why should we know about this?

Some questions are not allowed even on the job interview.

For example:

Are you married?

– Do you have children?

– Do you plan to have children?

People should respect the privacy of others, but also you can’t allow interfering with your privacy with business, it is necessary to leave your private problems at home. How to receive clients if your eyes are full of tears? How to represent your new project if you are so angry on your children that you cannot focus on work?

When Justin Bieber broke up with Selena Gomez, she did not feel good, but she had the public appearance and she smiled, as the real professional girl. These are the situation when we must handle our private falls and downs and continue with the smile. This is how strong characters work.

Of course, some things in our life are not easy and if we think we can’t, it is time that someone replaces us in an important task. We need to notify someone that our problems are serious and it will be solved in another way. Sandra had the car accident and she did not notify her cooperators that meeting will be delayed. She made monkeys from people. Yes, they understand that she is wounded, but she is not in the coma and she had the cell phone to notify them. That woman was really messed up.

We cannot ask apologies if we interfere others with our problems and if we are causes of troubles. This is responsibility and the real test for adult people.


2 thoughts on “Mind your own business

  1. Thank you for the wonderful and interesting post. Some people are really annoying by keep asking personal stuffs. I always try to answer in smart way when I face this situation…. However, the problem is with those who talk about their own private issues!

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