Did you fall into the trap of the superstition?


If we could predict our future it would step forward. Maybe we could avoid something unpleasant and stop things which we don’t want. How to win in this race with the unpredictable life?

Fanny can’t find the normal boyfriend. She is blind in this tunnel of love. Every guy she met had something that rejected her at the end. So, she was printing their photos with one purpose. She will take this photos to a clairvoyant. Fanny heard about the man who lives in the lonely house in the village. She paid him some money to see important things from this photos.


She was disappointed with the result.

– You are insecure person Fanny. You can’t decide what you want. That men are unavailable at the moment and I don’t see clearly what is on their mind. Seems vibration for today is not good.

Later, Fanny met with her best friend Alice.

– Dear, why you paid him for this? I could tell you some things from the cup of coffee, without money. Sometimes you are really naive.

When you are in trouble and way out doesn’t exist, you will think about high forces.


In this situation, you are perfect victim for any kind of fraud. The so-called seer can convince you that you are cursed and that someone put spell on you. Also, if you are unhappy in love, the seer can help you too. You will get some materials and that guy you dream every night will be yours.

Just, at first, you need to pay some money. But, what is money in comparison with eternal happiness without spell or whole life with the person you love? You can give all money you have so the result will be better and better.

One day Gypsy woman said to me that she wants to read from my palm. I accepted from a joke, and she asked me money. I gave her small coins to check her. Suddenly she said to me that she can’t see future with so small amount of money. She said, that I have spell and if I don’t pay bigger money, this spell will ruin my life. I knew this was the scam and I just left.

Some people are indeed talented to predict future. Even FBI will ask for a help from seers and that people are professional. They will not threat to others, they will do their job and it takes a lot of energy and they are exhausted from their visions.

Other people are also talented, but for fraud. They will deceive innocent victims. Man in Croatia said to woman entrepreneur that she has spell and she paid him big money to clean this curse. He gave her stinky water and some other things, and for a return, he uses her for marketing of his services, and he robbed her. He got six months of prison.

When you are desperate, or in panic, don’t let your fear to take over your mind. You can get devil’s offer. This will promise that your problems will disappear overnight. Instead of this, you can have bigger problems, how to return the money you lost.

You want to dig into your future? Let’s cook coffee and go to your friend or neighbor to have some fun. Maybe they can see something useful, and for sure you will not leave with empty pockets.


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