Do you switch off your emotions after sex?

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When the hell me again? This is the question in the head of every woman after she made love for a first time with her boyfriend.
After you share your passionate moments with a guy, things are changed. You can lose your advantage and suddenly you will feel weak.
How will you know if this guy worthy to give yourself to him?
What are signs, that he will call you again to ask you for a date?
He talked about future after you made love. 
( Next week in cinema is a great movie. We could go to check it.)
He is watching you until you brush your hair. 
( Really you are beautiful.)
He is sharing his private secrets with you. 
( See, my mother and father are divorced and from time and time I am depressed because of it.)
He is not rushing, he forgot about time and he skipped to do important obligations because you captured his mind.
When you make love with a guy, it is like you open a new door. You love him, and now you are more fragile, here is fear what will happen next. What if he never calls you again? If you see him with another girl later, after he got all that he wanted from you?
You can read between lines if something like that will happen.
He will not spend the morning with you. 

He will disappear from your bed until you are sleeping, and if you are awake, he will grab things and rush on his bus, train, taxi or jump into his car like he was in the robbery and someone is chasing him.

He will talk very quiet on his cell phone. For explanation, he will tell you that his little sister has problems with health or other dumb excuses.

He did not ask your number, but you told him. Or he gave you his number, as a sign that you must call him first. Forget this. Never call a guy first, especially after sex.

He is not talking about future. Sex is now with you, now, he is talking in present time. About later, if you ask, he lives day by day.
Many women will ask, how to spare herself from jerks, how to stop situation which will break your heart?
There is no guarantee. He can act nice, but indeed if you think twice, it is his gentle way to tell you goodbye. You are wonderful but he has no time, he must go, because this is life. He is going on an important football match. Another time, maybe. The day will never come. You will never drink coffee with him.
Take a deep breath and be ready for everything after sex with a guy. If you knew him a long time before you did this, chances are bigger to keep him. If you jump into wild sex short time after you met him, this is a risk.
Maybe this will not work out, but don’t be surprised. More luck the next time, and one lesson more in your book of life knowledge.

6 thoughts on “Do you switch off your emotions after sex?

  1. People are not actually wrong when they say that women fall for jerks over and over again just because they manage to say the right things at the right moments. After they get what they wanted from the beginning, they turn off their charm and head out the door leaving their latest fling behind to fend for herself to never call her back again.
    You’re right. There’s no guarantee they the people we meet won’t be jerks. We need to be ready for everything that’s thrown at us. So that no type of evil scheming takes us off guard.
    I always thought there was something wrong with me because people around me didn’t agree to my notion at all. This makes me so happy because there’s finally someone out there who understands my point of view and has equal thoughts as well. ❤

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