What doesn’t kill you makes you a killer


When life starts to slap you from every side, you will survive or fall down. That is why quote says: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ” We could analyze why some people became ruthless, harsh or even heartless. Circumstances define you, no matter do you wish this or not. Every bad experience will leave tracks at your soul, and you will never be the same person as before. Rules of survival are cruel.

Elaine was a girl from a poor family, they had a lot of unpaid bills and once she was studying for an exam with the light of candles. She had only one pair of boots and she spent many winters in them. When Elaine finished her education and got a job, her client’s complained that she is too harsh. Even her boss said: “Please, try to be warmer with people. We are here to help them.” Elaine was formal and she did her tasks accord the law. She was a good lawyer, even some clients considered her as cruel. As she used to say: “I am a lawyer, not a nurse or nanny. Accept this that i will not sing you a lullaby, you need legal advice.”


Life is not equal to all of us.

If a person lives surrounded by attention, love, and careless, it will affect future. Painful past will mark us and even we are not aware of this, we will show our black side. People are often superficial and they will see what they wish to see. Just because someone is not always nice and kind, it doesn’t mean that he is a bad person.

What will negative experience leave to us?

Bad memories. You blow on cold if you burnt in past.

Emotional scarves. You will have problems with emotional connection.

Sarcasm. What is romantic for others, that is pathetic for you.

Alerts. The red alarm will always ring in a similar situation. This red light blinks from the past.

Imagine a teenage girl, in 18, how she is dancing with an innocent smile on her face. Every guy would like to invite her on a date. She is pure, she is not overthinking. Twenty years later she is not the same person. If life punished her with bitter experiences as bad relation, divorce or abuse, she will not smile so innocent as before. She will be full of bitterness, and if not, she will open four eyes.

What doesn’t kill you makes you a killer.

When you lost an important part of your heart and soul, when someone stole your happiness, you will wish to fight back. That is what person who wish to survive do, she tries to bring back what she lost a long time ago.


5 thoughts on “What doesn’t kill you makes you a killer

  1. Our past experiences decide our behavior and explains our unnecessary stubbornness with other people’s. But to overcome it and being at our best behavior in adverse conditions is difficult.

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